Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hannah's Birthday Dinner

Last night, for Hannah's birthday, we had dinner for her with the grandparents. Something that has been a long time tradition for us since our children were small.

(Mom and dad)


We sat down to Italian chicken, crock pot mac-n-cheese, potato salad, home style green beans, and yeast rolls.

It was really good.

Amy, our cake lady, made this awesome cake for Hannah. I had forgotten that we had ordered strawberry, so when I cut it open I was a little surprised....pleasantly, of course. lol It was so good, Amy. Once again....the best you've ever done!! YUM!

Hannah had requested a new Bible for her birthday. So we bought her that, a giraffe print pocketbook, and this game for her DS called Rhythm Heaven. It's a very interesting music game with certain skill levels.

I had a serious blonde moment and when signing her card, I wrote Bruce's name real big across the front. What was I thinking, I have no idea. Oh well....it was one of those days....you know?

She got a card and cash from Grandmother Morrow. Which she was T-totally thrilled with. After all....it's the right size and color, right?

"Thank you, Grandmother"

She had a bag to open from her other grandparents, filled with lots and lots of girlie things that we gals always need.

Of course, the check inside brought a smile about the teeth as well.

Bruce being Bruce. He's so funny.

Harrison and Justin bought her this LARGE bag of Sour Patch kids. That stuff is nasty, but for some reason, she thinks it's the best.candy.ever!

And of course you can't have a birthday without getting a birthday whoopin'! Harrison waited all day to see that. And Bruce even broke out the paddle!

Me and my baby girl!

Little Hannah, Big Daddy..........and yeah......Harrison. :)

Hope you had a good birthday, Hannah. You're a great blessing to our family and we love you bunches!
Hannah updated her blog and you can see a pic of her pocketbook and Bible there. Just click here!