Thursday, May 7, 2009


The last couple of weeks or so has kept our whole family busy doing different things. For one thing the wedding. That was the biggest thing. Now that Andy and Kristen are married and enjoying their honeymoon on the Mediterranean *sigh* we can focus on wrapping the school year up. I was hoping to have that all out of the way this week, but ended up with the stomach flu or something close to it. Not sure. All I know is my insides felt like they were twisted and turned inside out from Sunday night to Wed. I did not want to move at all. Just lay or sit in one spot. Today I am actually feeling somewhat better, just weak in my knees and arms if I'm up for a lengthy period of time. I've had a great day though! Glad the worst part of being sick is OVER!
Since I've been keeping still the last several days and I've already posted on the wedding, I haven't had anything to post about. So here's some random pictures and thoughts of this and that.

OK, this picture is for Arlene. She asked what a cathead biscuit was. This is a cathead biscuit,'s a biscuit the size of a cat's head. :)

This is Wanda. She's the lady that makes all of our dental appointments, checks us in, and all that other fun office work we're totally unaware of. The other week when the kids had their appointments, Wanda shared her very sweet testimony with me on a time in her life when she gave up trusting in what she could do and put her trust in what GOD could do. And how in just minutes after placing her worries in God's hands, He went to work and that problem was solved. MINUTES! It was so nice hearing someone share about their faith and trust in Jesus Christ and giving Him glory for His goodness in their lives.
Thanks, Wanda! You were a blessing to talk to that day!

This is a picture I took one day last week. I was on my way to the store and saw this field covered in beautiful purple flowers and just had to get a picture of it. It made me want to run through the field and roll in the flowers. But there are cows in that field, so I didn't.

We had some great services Sunday. Both services were so good!!! This is Pastor Goodman holding one of our little foster children in the church. He is so precious. I just love to hear him talk and his facial expressions will crack you up and melt your heart at the same time. See his little pudgy elbows? Precious, isn't it?

I'm thankful that we attend a Baptist church where you don't have to wait for an official alter call. The alter is always open to do business with God! And there's a feeling of freedom to go when you need to go!

The Sons of Faith sang "The Answer is in God's Word." I love that song.
And this was my randomness. Now I'm going to go enjoy a hot brownie and cold glass of milk. YUM!