Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Our Mother's Day weekend was special. Bruce decided to have our mothers over for a cookout on Saturday. He grilled the BEST steaks. They were delicious. He had baked potatoes with all kinds of fixin's, salad, rolls, and dessert. He pretty well thought of everything.
We bought our moms, each, a new Willow Tree angel for their collections along with some other little gifts we thought they'd like. Mom's angel was listening to a sea shell and Marie's was holding a little boy in her arms. They're really pretty.
I can't remember what Bruce said to crack his mom up, but I loved this sweet picture of them.

And here's one of me and my mom. Doesn't she look pretty in her pink and black?

It was a great time celebrating the lives of our moms and what they mean to us.

When they left, Bruce and I went to an Antique mall we heard about. I enjoyed looking at everything, but nothing really jumped out at me. Bruce found a book there that made him happy. We also went to a book store he likes to frequent. We had planned on going out on a date Saturday night, but both of us had stayed up way too late on Friday night. I think it was after 4:00 in the morning that we finally ended up going to bed. So we went home for a late nap and spent the rest of the evening enjoying some family time.


Sunday was wonderful. Pastor brought the message on how you never really hear the names of women mentioned in the genealogies, but there were five women mentioned in Matthew 1's genealogy he wanted to preach about. It was so good and what a great message of how God's grace overcame impossible situations in their lives. There was a woman saved before the preaching began and a man saved during the invitation. Praise the LORD!

Mom invited us to eat Sunday dinner at a local Asian restaurant. We enjoyed the food and fellowship, and we ran into a family we just love, who told us about the great service they had at their church. Isn't it good to know that Christ can do His work among His people, even when one group is in Shelby and the other in Kings Mountain? That's how God works!

The evening service was good too. We were able to see three baptized and it was a blessing and joy to see them make that open profession of faith and statement to follow Christ.

I love being a mom and I love my babes! They gave me a necklace and earring set they had made for me, and some other little goodies. And Bruce gave me a gift card to my favorite clothing store. We never, EVER go out on Sunday nights after church because Bruce works third shift and likes to come straight home and chill before he has to go in. But he wanted to make up our date night and took me to Dairy Queen for a burger basket and blizzard out on the DQ patio. The weather was nice and we ran into a lot of people we know from our church and a few other churches in the area. It was great time.

I hope all you great moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day like I sure did.