Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Family Update

WOW! I can't believe this home school year is coming to an end. This is blowing my mind. It has been ONE year, I'm tellin' ya. I just realized it is already the month of May and I haven't even ordered my kid's end of grade testing. I need to do that this week. Fortunately, the company I use will have it to me next week, then we test a week, and then they'll have the scores to me by the end of the third week. I like how fast they work and get your results to you.

Harrison's reading lesson today came from an old book that belonged to my dad when he was a child. There was a little Sunday School story card on the inside that was dated January 13, 1952. Daddy would have been six years old then. The back was yellowed and there was a smudge mark on it. I don't know if he put that mark there or not, but it's a sweet thought to think of him doing that. LOL And there are pages where you fill in the blanks after reading the chapters. His handwriting didn't change much over the years. Just got a little smaller and a little neater. But it's definitely his handwriting.

Hannah will be a junior next year. AHHHHHHH! I can't believe my baby is getting that old. She'll be sixteen in a couple of weeks. We're in the process of planning her sweet sixteen party. She wanted things very simple. Just different shades of purple and silver. So the decorations will be easy. We just haven't decided on the food yet.

Here's a picture of her invitations I did on a program Bruce bought me several years ago. I thought it turned out nice. Obviously I blacked out our phone number and where it will be held. Wouldn't want strangers showing up. That would be awkward. lol

Justin is working for a company here in our home town, still hoping to get on at a fire department soon. It's a little discouraging for him, but he was able to help with a lady at work the other night when she was about to pass out. So he got to put a smidgen of his training to use. Then someone where he worked called the employer and told them about Justin. They sent him a message about how good it was to have him working for them. That meant a lot to him.

Bruce has been working six days a week. I've missed his mug around here. Praise the Lord he has a job!! So many in these parts do not. He was going to take a second shift position, but the Lord just wouldn't give him peace about it so he's staying on third. He's been sick lately but seems to be on the mend.

I've been sick too. I don't necessarily "feel" sick, but my allergies have overtaken my vocal chords and I can't get anything out!! It's ok, though, my God still hears me when I pray and that's what matters. I did find a store today that sales bee honey just up the road from here. I'm hoping I can get Bruce to take me up there later to see if it is localized honey. That would be great. If it is, I should be talking again by tomorrow. It's been difficult trying to teach school lessons, but at least I can type or write down what I want them to do or what I want them to know. So it's all good. Just a little frustrating.

We have a LOT going on this month and next month. It is going to be SUPER BUSY!! A good busy...but super busy, none the less. Thank you again, for understanding about the comments being turned off. I just don't have time to mess with my emails and comment moderation at this time. When things slow down a bit around here I'll turn them back on. :)