Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still Partyin'!

This past weekend the ladies from our church had a scheduled trip to Mrs. Ava's house in the mountains. We always have a great time while we're there and this time was no different. I was glad that mom was able to go. She really needed the change of scenery and what a scenery it was! It was so peaceful, mom slept pretty much the entire time we were there. How, with all the laughter, I'll never know.

We shared a lot of laughs and very interesting stories. Some I'll never forget. haha

We had way too many sweets in the house. No, really, we did. But Mrs. Janet's grilled chicken and pasta was delicious too!

If it weren't for this lady, it would be total chaos on any trip!

There is NOTHING like the beauty of God's earth. We saw the changing of leaves and families of deer.

I was really disappointed to find I had no single shots of my buddies, Dana and Mander. Or myself, for that matter. Whatever we talked about must have been good enough to keep my mind off taking pictures of us. LOL
At least we got this group shot! I sure do love these ladies!!
Monday night, "The two Gayles" planned a belated surprise birthday dinner for my mom at Olive Garden. The look of surprise on her face was priceless! "The two Gayles" crowned her, placed a feather boa around her neck, and pinned a beautiful corsage on her.

Several friends were able to be there. Joann, mom's co-laborer in Sunday School, is a gorgeous girl. But man, can she make some scary faces!
There were several pranks played. Two by Rebecca. She hid Joann's food when Joann went to the bathroom and then hid her purse at the other end of the table.
She wasn't the only one playing pranks. We were trying to get our server's attention but he was so busy we couldn't get it. So Jeannie decided to call Olive Garden, ask for Brian, and tell him what we needed. It was hilarious! He had a rough time with us, but he was a GREAT sport!

"The two Gayles" had mom a birthday cake with butter cream icing.

When we first got to Olive Garden I told the girls not to say anything. That when Brian asked if we wanted wine I'd answer for us. Sure enough, here he came with a bottle of white wine and asked if we would like some. I whispered to him, "Honey, we're with an AA group tonight." "Oh, ok, I'm sorry..." he said, as he hid the bottle behind him. We just died laughing.

We gave him such a hard time, Jeannie said we should write him a poem. So I grabbed a pen and one of the children's coloring papers and this is what I wrote:
We've really had fun with our server Brian,
No better service, not even at Ryan's
The AA girls can make him turn red,
He probably thinks we all need meds
He even answers private phone calls,
from the crazy, beautiful AA Dolls
So thanks for your smiles and your temperament too,
on top of your tip, this poems for you!