Monday, October 18, 2010

A Christmas Play, A Sick Mother, and A Pretty Painting

I turned in the Christmas play I wrote for this year and now I'm just waiting on Pastor's approval. I'm sure it'll be fine. I talked to Mrs. Carolyn and we're working on the songs to go along with it.
I'm really excited about this one. I think this is my favorite one I've written so far. It's called Tell Me A New Story and it's about a little foster boy. We have several foster families in our church and the little children that have come in and out of their homes were in mind when I wrote this play. I'm praying the Lord will use it to touch many hearts.

I visited with my mom this afternoon. She has been very sick. When she saw the doctor Friday he gave her a shot, put her on a breathing machine to open her bronchials, prescribed four medications, and put her in bed for a few days. She has received soups from three different people that I know of. Thank you, to those of you that made those for her. That was so sweet of you!! Soup is very comforting to the body when you're sick. I know she appreciates those.

The picture above is of a painting a young man did and gave to mom when daddy died. The painting is a very calming visual and I love to just sit and look at it and imagine myself walking down that quiet path. I just had to show it to you.

Pastor had some good quotes yesterday and I'll share them with you here. Something to chew on, if you will:

*You can put a cat and a dog in a sack, tie it up tight, and have a union. But you still won't have unity." ~Dr. Bob Jones

*The church is not an organization. It is a living organism, birthed from the Lord Jesus Christ.

*We have dilema in the world, and delight in the WORD!

*The devil thrives where good men sit silently, and do nothing.