Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom celebrated her - - birthday today. If she wants to tell her age, she can fill in the blank.

Hannah and I went to pick mom up around 11:00 this morning. We were taking her to the Cup and Saucer Tea Room for lunch.

She had already shed some tears over daddy. Daddy was always big on birthdays. He believed everyone should have a good celebration on their special day. I have a story to tell you about something he did for me once, but I'll tell it another day. This is mom's day!

Anyway, we got to her house and decided to go ahead and give her her presents. We would have waited until we got to the Tea Room, but knew it would make her cry so we gave it to her at home.

The first gift was a picture of her and my children taken a couple of weeks ago. She was thrilled with it.

The other gift was a collage I made of five pictures of her and daddy.

At the top of the collage it says, Precious they linger. She really loved it.

When we got to the Tea Room she was very surprised when we walked in and saw that I had invited several friends from church. She was thrilled! Mrs. Rebecca brought her a tiara to wear so she would be queen for a day. And Princess A came too, with beautiful peach flowers.

Her friends brought her some nice gifts. Mrs. Kim brought her perfume, Mrs. Barbara brought her some tea, Mrs. Janet a gift card to her favorite store, and there were several cards with money in them.

Ain't she purdy in her tiara?

I sat across from Mrs. Kim and Hannah. Gotta love 'em, you know?

Our pastor's wife (Mrs. Ava) was able to join us and so was Mrs. Janet.

Mrs. Barbara, my mother in law, and Rebecca....I'm so glad all of these ladies were able to join us. It just wouldn't have been the same without them!

I always have to sneak a shot of Mrs. Rebecca.
My sweet mother in law. It was nice having her there.

Mrs. Janet brought mom's gift from her Secret Sister. It was the awesome hat...

A beautiful black cape with fur collar....

And a fashion scarf. Mom can't wait for the weather to snap cold! LOL

We had a lovely lunch. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I know I did. I had the Rhett Chicken wrap with the soup of the day, which was loaded baked potato soup.

Mom had the spinach and bacon quiche with the soup of the day.

See...I was there too. :)
Princess A was so good! She would come to our end of the table and just giggle. It was so cute. Her mother told her Aunt that if she dressed her like a princess she would be good and she was! Too cute!!

The Tea Room gave mom her choice of a free dessert for her birthday. She chose the strawberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream.

Her day was just getting started. My dad always made sure she would have her hair done on her birthday. My brother, John, made sure she was able to do that today. So after lunch, she and Hannah went to Missy's and then they went to spend her gift cards and birthday money. She was a happy little lady when she dropped Hannah off here this evening. She showed me the beautiful outifts and shoes she got. Can't wait to see her in them!
I prayed the Lord would bless her day and He did. Good friends, good food, good fellowship. Those are good blessings!
Mom, you are MY blessing today and I love you. I hope you had a beautiful and wonderful birthday!