Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mark and Brittany

I had my first engagement shoot with Mark and Brittany this past Saturday.
Mark took us down to the river, Gardener Webb University, and a bridge near his house. I had a good time with them. Bruce and I will be married twenty years in December and they reminded me a lot of us from way back when. I hope that in twenty years they find themselves more in love then, than even now. I have some confidence in them. They've both been raised right and I believe they'll be one of the few that really says and means "...'til death do us part."
They were really cute. We go to church with Mark so it was comfortable being around him. We only get to see Brittany every once in a while. She is the most beautiful young lady, inside and out! I hope to get to know her better in the future.
Hannah went with me and assisted. I was so glad I asked her to come along. Ever since daddy passed, I have trouble thinking. So she was my brain several times that day. lol
Thanks, Hannah! I love you!! :)
And congratulations Mark and Brittany. I'll be praying the Lord will grow you closer to each other as you grow closer to Him.