Friday, September 14, 2012

Week Two Down

Week two of school is completed. 
I spoke to the company I ordered Harrison's books from and they just shipped some things that were on backorder.   So he'll be two weeks behind in Social Studies.  But it's ok.  I have a plan to catch up. 
180 days down, 170 to go.
Bruce and Justin are working and Harry is spending the night with a friend.  So it's just me and my girl tonight.  We're enjoying a quiet evening at home.  Me, pinning things on Pinterest.  And Hannah is reading a book Mrs. Rebecca brought to the house yesterday.  After a day of school and typical Friday errands, it's nice to have some quiet. 
I'm worried about all this nonsense going on in the middle east.  Bunch of savages wreaking havoc over there.  Supposedly over... "the film."  I don't buy it.  It was planned.  And I'm sick of the liberals shouting what is going on is this film maker's fault and should be charged with murder.  Him charged with murder?  Ummm, how 'bout we charge the savages actually committing the murder? 
Last I heard, the first amendment to the US constitution is still in affect.  If the libs have it their way, we'll have no freedom of speech.  Unless, of course, we agree with them on everything.  In that case, we can say whatever we want.  It's pretty much like that now.  Ridiculous.

I'm not an Obama supporter.  At all.  I really want him OUT of the White House.  But I don't see it going to happen.  Conservatives are sick of the GOP and are split.  If the conservatives that have decided to vote libertarian this year would give Romney a try, I believe we'd have some long awaited hope and change actually take place.  I'm not a great Romney supporter either.  But I'll take Romney over Obama any day.  At least he isn't trying to totally turn us into a socialist country.  And that's exactly what Obama is doing.  If he were the only man running, I'd write in Mickey Mouse.  After all, if Acorn can use Mickey Mouse to vote, he's eligible for presidency.  Right?
I saw this picture today on fb and got cracked up.    

Tell the truth... you do it too.