Friday, September 7, 2012

Abortion is Wrong. No Matter the Reason

Many people want to know why Christians feel it is wrong to murder the unborn.  As Christians, we are followers of Christ and God's Word.  God is against abortion.  Therefore, the Christian will/should be against abortion as well. 
What about someone who is raped?
This is a common question.  I heard a friend answer this one best.  A very small percentage of abortions are made because of rape or incest.  So instead of killing a baby...a life that has not yet been established, a life that can be taught and loved and raised to fear the things of the Lord and live by his Word...kill the rapist instead.  Let's stop putting him up in a jail cell for us to feed him and take care of him until his time is up and he's out again to prey on other women and girls.  And if killing them seems heartless to you, then let's fix it so they can never rape another victim.  You can work your imagination there, if you like. 
I know what you're thinking...  well that's not very Christian.  Listen, God is for justice for the innocent and judgment for the guilty.  "Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe" is His law. Ex 21:24-25
But someone who has been raped, having to carry a child full term and then deliver is like being raped all over again. 
Nothing is like being raped all over again, except being raped all over again.  Yes, carrying that child full term and delivering that baby would be very painful emotionally and physically.  But there is NOTHING that will ever lessen the pain of what that poor mother went through when that little child was conceived.  There are so many couples that want to adopt but can't because the price of adoptions are so high.  Someone posted a statistic, I'm not sure how close it is, but it was something like $300-$1,000 for an abortion and $30,000 on average for adoption.  That's a shame.  And as Christians, it is our DUTY to reach these women and help them through this very emotional and hurtful time in their life, showing them the love of Christ.  He is the GREAT PHYSICIAN and can heal them emotionally and physically.  If the government wanted to help, they could offer an equally affordable solution to an unwanted pregnancy than abortion.  They could help find homes for these little ones instead of helping them find their way to a dumpster in some back alley.
But if abortions aren't legal, they'll just find someone unqualified to do it for them, risking infection and even death.
Yep.  That's what would happen.  But you know what?  That goes right back to being responsible for the choices we make.  The choices we make dictate the life we lead.
The majority of abortions are made by women who have made bad decisions, having sex outside of the marriage bed.  Yes, married women have abortions also, but I'm saying the MAJORITY of abortions.  The government has given solutions to our problems instead of making us reap what we sow.  Our society is irresponsible.  Instead of relying on God and His Word, we have become to rely on self and what WE want and government handouts.  People generally think twice about their decisions when there are consequences to follow.  Living life by man's rules of live and let live, never works good for man.  But following God's rules and His ways, always works... 100% of the time.
Bruce and I were thinking the other day and came to realize that we have nine nieces. All but two of them have become pregnant out of wedlock.  We are SO thankful that they made the right decision to choose life for their unborn child than death.  We have some precious little ones in our family because of that and they have enriched all of our lives.  We would LOVE to see them marry the fathers of their children and get involved in their local church, serving the LORD together as a family. 
 I think of all the terminated pregnancies and little lives that could have become something in this world, yet were ripped and torn away from their mother's wombs and literally thrown in a dumpster somewhere and it breaks my heart.
I don't hate women who have abortions and for the most part, I agonize for them.  I've known two women who have had them.  One had multiple abortions, but was gloriously saved after she had them and has gone on to be a fighter for the unborn sharing her testimony to other women considering that same decision.  I also know one that was never the same after hers.  She struggles with it on a daily basis because she feels guilty.  But Jesus can forgive her and heal her in that area, as well, if she'll just let Him.  And if you are reading this and you have had an abortion, struggling with the thoughts of it day in and day out, there is hope for you too.  God loves you and He will forgive you.  Just pray and seek Him.  He will show Himself to you in prayer and through His Word.
Abortion DOES stop a beating heart.  It is murder.  Legal, premeditated murder.  A choice to take the life of an unborn child.
You would be surprised at how many people do not know or understand what partial-birth abortion is.  Go ahead... look it up.  It is the cruelest form of LEGAL murder I have ever seen.  People on death row get more compassion.
Abortion is murder.  Murder is a sin.  God will judge.  And He will not only judge those that partake in it, but also those who turn their backs and close their eyes to a nation that allows it.
But what can we expect from a nation that desires a platform who boos God's name?  He is not wanted in our society, just like these unwanted children.  The children can not judge those who take their lives.  But God can. 
And He will.
"Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:" 
Isaiah 55:6