Sunday, September 16, 2012

Marshmallows. Who Knew?

I sing Midnight Cry with our choir backing me on chorus.  We haven't sung it in a very long time... like years...but Brother Johnny was determined for us to do it.  So at choir practice I ended up completely losing my voice.  It was gone!  After choir practice was over, Mrs. Janet told me to come with her to the fellowship building, she knew a remedy.  Imagine my surprise when she pulled a bag of marshmallows from the cabinet.
Turns out that marshmallows were originally made for sore throats.  Who knew!? 
I admit I was skeptical.  But I ate a few, just the same.  Brother Johnny walked into the kitchen and he was also very skeptical.  Kind of laughed it off.  I told my friend, Tammy, that if I handed her the mic she was going to have to sing.  Thankfully, she was willing.  :D
But amazingly, when it came time to sing, I was able to sing the song with no problems at all.  When it was over, Brother Johnny looked at us and said, "Bless God...I gotta get me some marshmallows!"  LOL
Thankful the Lord allowed me to sing it tonight and that HE touched my voice.

Had a great service tonight.  I was in nursery this morning, but even over crying babies I heard the announcement that one of our newlyweds were going to have a baby.  I am so excited for them!  Praying that all goes well for this little family.
RUSH night for SIGMA is next Sunday night.  They'll have three days to get their decorations up.  We'll see how this plays out.  In the past, they've always had a couple weeks.  But there's a reason it's called "rush."  So rush, they will.
Another month and a half and our country makes a HUGE decision on who the next presidency will belong to.  I am really afraid for our nation.  And I agree with what Alan Keyes has been quoted to say: