Saturday, September 22, 2012

Week Three of School

Week three of school is over.  Fifteen days complete, one hundred sixty-five to go.  Hannah passed her first Trigonometry test with a 97%.  How awesome is that??  And Harrison is doing equally well.  Speaking of Harrison.  Math is not his finest subject.  I was turned on to a website that is terrific for tutoring your child in math.

It is called Math with Larry.  He literally takes your child to the very beginning of math and works their way through high school.  He strongly suggests this method he uses, in hopes of filling in gaps where they have apparently missed something along the way.  So we've been doing this about a week now, along with his regular math lessons, and so far it's working pretty good.  If you have a child that needs some tutoring or if you just want to make sure they're "getting it" give the site a look.

We've been working on RUSH displays the last couple of nights and I'll be leaving here shortly to work again.  It's been interesting to watch the youth work on their displays and the ideas they come up with.  Lord willing, we'll be completely finished today and ready to set up tables for the church family tomorrow night.  We'll be doing soup and sandwiches again this year.  I had planned on taking potato soup, but decided a pot of chicken and dumplings would be good.

The house is so quiet this morning.  The children have already left for bus ministry, Bruce is delivering some bananas to my mom, so she can make some of her famous banana bread, and I am home all alone.  At least I thought I was until, just now, I heard Justin sigh in his sleep.  It scared me.  I thought I was by myself.  LOL

I just finished my bowl of cocoa puffs.  Yes, I did eat a bowl of cocoa puffs.  There's 100 calories in 3/4 of a cup.  It's Saturday.  I splurged and had something sweet for breakfast.  So shoot me.  I'll have cheerios tomorrow.

Y'all have a blessed day!  I'm going to.