Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Prayer and Photos

We have our weigh in and church tonight.  But before we go there, we have some errands to run and need to stop at the funeral home.  My sister in law's father passed away this week.  My heart has really been breaking for her.  She was close to her dad and helped to take good care of him.  I am praying the Lord comforts her and her family with the same grace He granted us when we lost daddy.  Please remember the Newsome family in prayer.
I had a family photo shoot with a family Monday and had a great time.  They were so funny.  The mom and dad were hilarious and their four children a very fun challenge!  But I must say we did get some beautiful shots. 
I also had a shoot with a little foster girl in our church.  I can't post her pictures, but they are so good!  I wish I could share them with everyone.  She was so cute and at the early age of seven, she knows how to pose and cheese for the camera, that's for sure! 
While I was photographing her, we noticed a very old, large tree, standing all by itself in the middle of a freshly cut field.  So after a few shots on a hay bell, we walked down to the tree.  I noticed there was poison oak vines on the tree so I told the little girl not to touch the tree, and to just stand a couple feet away from it. Her "mama" spotted one lone poison sumac standing close to the tree.  But she didn't touch that either.  She did some poses and we got some nice shots of her.  But when we were finishing up, I looked down and realized we were all standing in poison sumac.  Nice.  Needless to say, we all showered and washed our legs good when we got home.  I got a text from the "mama" today saying that she and the little girl are great.  No itchy rashes.  And that goes for me too!  Thank you, Lord, for your blessings on me...and them.
I have a senior shoot this weekend and then I'll be spending all next week in editing and then next weekend, I'll photograph a wedding.  I'm looking forward to that.  I love weddings.