Monday, June 25, 2012

Them There Seinors Will Wear Ya Out!

Mom and I had a fabulous time on the Senior Saints trip to Natural Bridge, Virginia.  It was a fast paced, busy time and we had a ball.

When we got there we checked into the Natural Bridge Hotel.
This is the hotel standing from the parking lot of the Wax Museum.

While some rested before supper, some of us went to the Butterflies At the Bridge.  This was a great experience.
The butterflies were not afraid to land on us.  Here's a picture of Brother Harold Dean with one on his shoulder.  There was a little girl there that had about five or six on her.  It was pretty amazing.
They were beautiful.  Who doesn't like a pretty butterfly?
 When we finished seeing the butterflies, we went to the Toy Museum, where my buddy found her knight in shining armor.
I found this Star Trek set that brought back some great memories.  We had this set when I was growing up.
And they had some wonderful old dolls that I just loved.  Can you just imagine the little children that owned and played with these dolls and what fun and imagination they had with them?
I enjoyed seeing the old toys.  When we left the museum we went to the Wax Museum. 
This was one of the first things we saw when we went it, The Original Thumb Tacks.  At first I got tickled over it.  But the more I looked at it, the more it weirded me out.  haha
I was joking with my mom that we found her kin people at the Wax Museum.  Looks like grandpa's still to me!  :P
On Friday we went to the Safari Park.  This was one of my favorite things we did.  We saw amazing animals, up close and personal.  It was a lot of fun.
Speaking of animals up close and personal, here are few that was on the trip with us.
Mom got chummy with this baby llama.  They were just weening him off of three bottles a day and he was having a fit, yelling at everyone that walked past him, but stopped long enough for mom to love on him a minute.  Bless his heart.  He really did want a bottle.  LOL  Mom LOVED the Safari Park.  She had a blast and I got really tickled watching her enjoy the animals so much.
They believe this little fella was hit by a car driving through the safari, and that's why his antler is growing crooked.
Mother enjoyed being nuzzled by this camel.
Here's a picture of our Pastor feeding a water buffalo.  This particular water buffalo licked my hand when I wasn't paying attention.  His tongue was really kind of disgusting, but at least I can say I've been licked by a water buffalo.  *giggle*
That's a Watusi running toward us.  I took the picture and sat down because I just knew he was going to charge our trailer.  But nope... he stopped right at it and all he wanted was for someone to give him some food.  We obliged him.  :)
Here's a picture of my mom petting one of them.  You can see how large their horns were.  Their horns are made up of the same things our finger nails are made up of and contain blood vessels.  Their calves were beautiful little things.  They were like pure, smooth, milk chocolate.
These two had a slight disagreement of who was going to get the next handful of feed.
After the safari, we headed to Lexington, Va and took a carriage ride through this old military community.  We got to see VMI (Virginia Military Institute) from a distance.  I would LOVE to go back there to see them do their drills. 
The carriage was so nice I actually dozed off a minute.  Or two.
I'm guessing I wasn't the only sleepy one.  If you look closely, you can see Pastor Goodman catching a few zzzzz's in the his vehicle.  hehe
Here stands two of my favorite ladies waiting on us to return from our carriage ride so they could be the next to go.  I do love Mrs. B and Mrs. Ava!
This is all I have time to blog about today.  I'll blog more on our last day when I get the chance.  We made it to the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va on Friday and I definitely want to share those pictures with you.  It was emotional for my mom because her dad was there on D-Day.  I knew he was in WWII, but it wasn't until we were at the memorial that she told us he was there on D-Day.  So, I wanted to save that as a post all by itself.

Right now it's time to get ready for the Greer Baptist Camp Meeting!  Our choir has gone every year that we've been a member of Faith, to help kick off the first night of this two week camp meeting.  We love Brother Joe Arthur and the work he does for this meeting.  Looking forward to hearing Brother Mike Holcomb preach tonight.  You might know him as the bass singer from The Inspirations.  If you've never heard him preach, you've missed out.  He's fantastic.