Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Graduation, Trips to Georgia, Ladies Meetings, and Photo Shoots

Sunday morning we had a terrific service.  Pastor and Mrs. Ava were back and it was good to hear him preach again.  We miss them when they're away.  But I'm glad they were able to get some time with their family. 
Most of us spent Sunday preparing for the special graduation service for the evening. 

One of the things we did, was the parents of the high school students decorated a table for their graduate.  I did mom's table.  Mostly pictures of her from the time she was a baby until present.  Thanks to a friend's idea, I decided to make a beach trip fund for her.  We all got a good laugh out of that and mom got picked on pretty good for it.  She loved it.
Soon it was time to get ready for graduation.  She was really nervous!
She looked so sweet as she led in the high school students behind the kindergartners.
There were several Christian school and public school graduates.  Three homeschoolers, and mom.  This was the actual graduation service for the homeschoolers and mom.  Her diploma was presented to her by Pastor. 
I am truly thankful for a Pastor and Pastor's wife and church family that took pleasure and joy in mom's accomplishment.  She waited a long time for this.
She held to that diploma as if she were never going to let it out of her sight!
I'm proud of you, mom!  And I love you very much. 
You're never too old.
Pastor Goodman delivered one of the best graduation sermons I think I have ever heard, on "Don't Throw In Your Towel."
He challenged each of them with personal comments and told them not to throw in the towel on their goodly heritage.  He was very personal with each one of them and gave them each a towel with the church initials on them, as a reminder of the challenge to not throw in their towel on God.  I pray each one of them keep it in a place where it is always visible and that it helps them to remain in the fight for the right.
After the service, we had a reception for the high school grads.  It was very good.  Mrs. Janet and all her helpers did a fantastic job getting all that ready.
Mom's secret pal gave her this beautiful bird feeder and bird seed.  If her secret pal happens to read this, she LOVED it.  Thank you for thinking of her!!
It was a fun night.  How many kids get to see their mom graduate?  I am blessed!
Monday morning at 3:45...yeah, I know, right...I was up and getting ready to ride with a friend to Georgia to drop her son off at camp.  He is counseling this year and wanted to be there before the campers started showing up.
The camp is nestled in a beautiful valley with mountains just like this all the way around it.  The fog on the mountains was breathtaking.  What a beautiful sight!
They have six cabins for girls and six cabins for boys.  Very primitive.  In other words, if you're a girly-girl, this is not for you.  But even if you ARE a girly-girl, I think you'd still have fun.  They had obstacle courses, creeks to play in, etc.  On Thursdays, they fill a mud pit and all the activities they do is in the mud.  Now that sounds fun, doesn't it?
Jordan got busy right away working and helping get things ready for the campers.  He was very excited and eager to get started.  I think he'll have a great summer.  Jordan just graduated and will start Bible college in the fall.
When I got home, I had just enough time to shower and get ready for a ladies meeting that my same friend invited me to attend with her.  She was singing at the meeting.  I met her and Mrs. Ava somewhere and we all rode together.  It was an interesting trip, to say the least.  Lots of giggles about it. 
We enjoyed the meeting and time of fellowship with the sweet ladies at Calvary Baptist Church in Clover, SC.  They were a very nice group of ladies and I appreciated their hospitality so much.
Tuesday morning I met another family at Limestone College in Gaffney, SC for a photo shoot.  They go to our church and the dad will be leaving soon, again, for the "sand box."  They have four young boys and I know it is a hardship on all of them when dad is gone.  If I'm not mistaken, this is his fourth trip over there serving his country.  He is a hero to me.  But his wife is a hero too.  Fighting the battles at home while he's away fighting the battles abroad.  I love them and am humbled at their willingness to give up so much to serve and protect us.
I started with a headache Monday evening.  It is Wednesday night and I am still fighting it.  I did take some migraine medicine.  It helped some and then came back full force.  If you think about it, please say a prayer.  This, too, shall pass, I suppose.  Just wish it would pass now.