Monday, June 11, 2012

Camp and Nature

This morning, I packed up Harry in the car with his luggage, pillow, and fan, and met some friends who were taking him and their sons to camp.  He's attended this camp the last couple of years and he loves it there.  The people that run it are wonderful and we are glad to have him go there.  Good preaching, good teaching, and loads of fun to kick off the summer!  I already miss him and it's not even been a day.
While I was dropping Harrison off to go to his camp, our church secretary was dropping off a group of teens in Georgia for their camp.  It was a spur of the moment thing and the ones able to go were pretty excited.  This is the same camp I blogged about last week, where we dropped off a friend's son to work for the summer.
This is his bunk.  Don't tell him I showed you his koala bear.  :D  
The cabins were nicely primitive.  Much like the camp cabins we were use to when we were growing up.  No bathrooms, no air...but well ventilated where the roof and walls meet.  Or where they're suppose to meet, anyway.  haha 
I liked that they have lines out to hang their towels and clothes on.
They have obstacle courses set up for the kids.  I'm supposing they do team competitions there.  Looked like fun.
Here you see the building they use for pretty much everything.  On the left side you see the kitchen.  On the right side you see the nurses station.  Coincidental, I'm sure.
This building is also used for their games, preaching, and eating. 
At the end of the week they cook BBQ for everyone.  I know the kids will enjoy that.
They let people set up campsites, enjoy the food and preaching through the week.
They have a great creek on the grounds.
And a rope swing to swing out into it.  Doesn't that sound like fun?
Not sure exactly what this is, but I'm guessing they do s'mores and sing came fire songs like Kumbaya, My Lord and It Only Takes a Spark.
The camp is nestled below mountains on all sides.  Wouldn't it be nice to wake up to that every morning?
Somewhere in those cabins are a group of our girls, who will wake up tomorrow morning and try to beat each other to the bath house, in hopes of getting the hot water before it runs out.  I'm guessing, for most of them, it will be a pony tail, no make-up, kind of week. 
Thursday is mud day.  All of their activities will be in the mud.  Definitely a pony tail, no make-up kind of day. :D
All joking aside, the people that run this camp are solid.  I'm praying for Harrison and his friends and these teens, that they will have a good time, hear some good preaching, and hopefully come back filled up with some good testimonies of what the Lord did for them this week.
This past weekend, Harrison came inside to say there was a baby bird on our sidewalk.
Bless it's heart, it fell from the nest right above where it had fallen.  The mom and dad were going NUTS.
If you look closely, you can see something in the mom's mouth.  She was preparing to feed the fallen baby, while "dad" was down by the baby squawking at him to move off the sidewalk.  Which he did...after mom fed him, of course.  Which was so sweet!
Of course, while all of this was going on, there was a squirrel that was totally oblivious to what was going on just a few feet away from him.  He was more concerned about the nut he found.  Kind of made me think of someone enjoying their food so much at a restaurant they don't notice the person at the next table choking to death on fried okra.  He was really enjoying that nut.
Meanwhile, "dad" talked baby into jumping into our monkey grass.  We haven't seen him anymore, but we see the parents flying in and out.  I worry about snakes.  But as long as the parents are flying in and out, I reckon the little guy is OK.
I love Pinterest.  Hannah and I have found some really cool do-it-yourself projects on that site.  One of those projects was the necklace holder you see on the left side of the picture below.  My brother-in-law owns Kingdom Custom Cabinets in Kings Mountain.  He does BEAUTIFUL work, by the way.  Anyway, he let me come by and pick out some cabinet knobs for this project.  Bruce used some wood in his wood shop to place the knobs on, stained the wood for me, and hung it up behind my bathroom door.  I love it.  It looks great back there too.
I bought a necklace holder from Cato's a while back, but my necklaces were outgrowing that holder.  Once I was able to get them to the new one, I was able to use the old one for my hair accessories.  I'm happy with them both.