Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going Away

I'll be boarding a bus with my mom tomorrow morning with some of the seniors from our church.  We're heading to Natural Bridge, Virginia for a three day weekend. 

It's going to be a busy weekend.  We have several things on the agenda besides viewing the Natural Bridge:
*Wax Museum
*Butterfly Garden
*Walking trails
*Light show at the Bridge
*MAYBE a trip to Lexington, Ky
*D-Day Memorial
*And who knows what else!

It'll be a fun weekend and one with lots of pictures to share, I'm sure.  :) 

I'm looking forward to this time with mom and know we'll have some good mother/daughter/girlie time together.
Since I'll be gone a few days, Bruce wanted to have our regular date night this afternoon.  We ended up at Mi Pueblitos and checked out the newest, used books store here in town.  I bought him a gift certificate to that place for one of his Father's Day gifts.  He walked out with two books today.  I'm sure he'll be back up there in the next week or so.  Boy loves to read!  I think we were both surprised to find two Oliver B Greene books there.  Bruce has his entire collection, which was given to him by my dad, which was given to him by Oliver B. Greene's mother when daddy was in school at Bob Jones.  Bruce uses them, often, as devotional books. 
And Monday, my little baby boy turned twenty years old.  Say whaaaa??????  Yep, twenty.  He's working two jobs right now.  One is his regular, first shift job, where they make armour vehicles.  He loves it there!  The other is part time until after the fourth of July for a big fireworks store.  He leaves job #1 and goes straight to job #2.  I think his main job is unloading trucks there, but he's also into sales.  So he's gone when we all get up and doesn't make it back home until, sometimes, 10:00 or after at night.  Since he's working a long day, we decided to wait until after the fourth to celebrate his birthday.  This picture was taken Memorial Day weekend when we went to visit friends.  Justin and this little feller became buds. 
Now it's time to get ready for church.  Looking forward to tonight's service.  I believe Brother Johnny will be preaching.  Seems like I recall Pastor saying that he and Mrs. Ava will be at Family Week with World Wide Missions for a few days.  Hope they have a good time with the staff of World Wide and the missionaries that get to go be a part.  I know they always have a good time of fellowship in the Lord.
See ya next week if I don't blog on the road.  :)