Thursday, February 27, 2014

Touch Me Not

When Bruce was a little boy, his Grandmother had some Touch me Not flowers that grew along her house.  He remembered the pods full of seeds that would explode if you touched them in just the right place. 

Often he will jest and call me a touch me not.  I've never really been a "hands on" person.  I mean, yeah, I hug people.  But a quick hug is about all ya get.  lol  Of course I loved on my babies.  But even my kids thought something was up when I drew them in for a warm, long hug the other night.  They asked, "Are you going to tell us to do something?"  I replied, "No, why?"  One of them answered, "Because you never love on us like this."  It struck me funny at first, but then it made me sad.  I need not be a touch me not when it comes to my family and I intend to work on that.  Just to make something clear, I may not be a "hands on" mommy, but my kids certainly know how much I love them.  Each of them are "my Precious."  haha 

I'm also the person that will open up and tell you pretty much all of my life without a blink of an eye, and I really don't mind you telling me about yours.  Unless you repeat the same story more than three times.  Repeating it more than twice really rocks the boat, if I'm totally honest about it.  After hearing it more than twice, I usually stop listening and can not hear you over the repetitive banging I do in my brain.  I still love you.  Just try to think of something else to talk about.  I'm sure something wonderful...or sad...has happened in your life since the last time we talked.  You know?  I say this, but my best friends are probably reading this thinking, "Can't WAIT 'til our next girl's night to remind her of THIS!"  *sheepish grin*

I do seem to draw people in, of all ages.  Total strangers will open up to me and tell me things they SAY they've never told anyone.  Maybe I should have been a news reporter.  Maybe I could have given Barbara Walters a run for her money.  Truth is, people just genuinely feel comfortable around me.  I guess that's a good thing?  I prefer to tell my life in a blog.  Not actually to your face.  But ok...  if that makes you feel good, I'm all ears. 

Sometimes I am left speechless, however, at what people tell me, if I don't know them. Usually I try to use it as an opportunity for the Lord.  It's difficult to do that sometimes because if you open the door too wide, you may, eventually, have a nut case on your hands.  And trust me, that has happened to me before.  I mean to the point to where I just had to put up a wall and watch them ram into it repeatedly until they finally understood where the boundary was.  I still don't think they really know where the boundary is.  But I'm pretty sure they're aware of the wall.  LOL  If you leave the door too closed, you may be shutting the door on someone that really does need a touch from the Lord.

I'm being totally honest with you here.  I know you probably are not like this.  My husband is the total opposite.  He has a filter when it comes to people.  LOL  I can not tell you how many times I have befriended someone right away and he just says, "They're a flash in the pan."  Sure enough...  FLASH. 

I guess I'm saying all this to say just this:
I like being me.  I like that people feel I am approachable.  I may not hold their hand, and I may not always hear them the first time, but I do try to listen.  And I do try to be friendly.  I've always taught my children that there is a difference in being friendly to someone and being a friend with someone.  Friends are people you do things with.  People, in which, you invest your time.  People that you trust to tell those things you wouldn't even blog about.

The Bible says in Proverbs 18:24, "A man that hath friends, must shew himself friendly:"  It's easy for me to open up to you.  It's difficult for me to open up FULLY sometimes.  But I do with those I trust.  I may be a touch me not, but I do try to be friendly.

How do you relate to people?  Your friends vs strangers or even your family?