Monday, January 13, 2014

What's Your Num....

I think I've told you before that Bruce and I don't carry a cell phone.  There were several different reasons for that.  Besides the fact we don't really care to talk on the phone, we don't really want people being able to track us down every where we go.  If we go to a restaurant, we want to eat in peace.  If we're at a party or a fellowship of some sort, we want to have a good time without being called, text, etc.  They're handy.  But are they really worth it?  People use the excuse of having one in case of an emergency.  I can understand that.  But really...  how often do emergencies happen where we need a cell phone where a house phone or a business phone can't be used? 

All this to say, I have a cell phone now. 

Yep.  You heard right. My kids bought me one for Christmas.  When you haven't messed with one in twelve years, it can be quite funny trying to figure it out.  Someone asked me if I had a smart phone.  I have no idea.  But I do know it's smarter than me. 

They bought me one because I felt that with my mother and mother in law in the health conditions they are in, it would be best to have one.  For that emergency I mentioned earlier.  :)

I was going to let my kids help me figure it out, but knew it would be best if I just sat down and played with it myself.  So, after about three days I found my phone number.  Another couple of days after that, and after going through every folder, clicking on every tool, and every app, I finally figured out how to change the keyboard.  Just flip the phone on its side. 

It also took me two days to fill in all my contacts.  After I put each one in manually, I saw where I could have used facebook and other social medias to sync about three-fourths of them. Nice, right?

So I guess I have it figured out.  I don't know.  Three months from now I could be using it and discover something totally cool I've been missing all that time.  Whatever.  For now, I can text or make and receive calls.  Get online. Post things to my facebook page. 

But right now I have a problem with that last part.  When I go to post something on facebook I usually can't get what I'm trying to say on there because my fingers will accidentally hit the OK button before I finish my sentence.  It. drives. me. crazy. when I do that! 

So I'm learning this thing.  It's an experience.


Little Penpen said...

LOL. I have one and wish I didn't. I rarely ever use it and nothing irritates me more than to be out shopping or whatever, and it rings. It sends my anxiety level through the roof. More and more I am leaving it at home, intentionally. I agree that we really don't have enough emergencies to warrant having a phone on us at all times. My contract is up in April, and guess who might then say 'bye bye' to her phone? Enjoy your new toy and just remember, you are allowed to cut it off when you don't want to be bothered. ;)))

Kristy... said...

I didn't have one for the longest time. I only started carrying one about 3 years ago. I was totally uncool to all my friends and family. When I did get one, it was not a smart phone.. people laughed.
I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I find it SO useful and handy and I also find them a distraction ... sigh.

Kristi said...

Pen, I keep it off most of the time. Its just hilarious trying to figure it out. lol

Kristy, a distraction is an understatement. hahaha