Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Thank You, Hannah

With all that's gone on over the last eight months since mom's fall, I feel I have neglected to say a public thank you to my daughter, Hannah.

About the time of mom's fall, Hannah was graduating high school and got her first job at Chick-fil-A.  As she was beginning her new job, she was also running back and forth by herself getting things ready to start her classes at the college. I was proud of her for doing that by herself but felt bad because her dad and I couldn't be there to help her.

When school started things really got heavy for her.  Most days she was going to school, then work.  On the other days she was going to work, then school.  When she would get home from work or school, she would start hitting the books for homework, while doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen or bathroom, dusting, etc.  The household chores.  She took on cooking and preparing meals for her daddy and Justin as often as she could.  Most nights she was getting in bed between midnight and two in the morning.  Beginning her new day again at 7:00.  Sometimes earlier if it was grocery day or a day to pay her bills and run her own errands.

Never once did she complain.  Never once did she have an attitude of not going to do those things.  If she did, she never showed it to me or her dad. 

When I finally came home for good, I saw how worn out she was.  Going to school, working, and being the little lady of the home was a bit much to ask a girl of eighteen. 

Most people don't realize or understand the pressures she was under while I was away.  But I do.  And I appreciate her and thank her for her willingness and her sacrifices. 

We are so blessed to have her a part of our family and I thank God for her. 

She is a loving and giving person with her priorities in place and, although times get tough for her, and although she may get a little disgruntled at times, she does keep a pretty good attitude about things.

I'm proud of her and I love her very much.

So thank you, Hannah.  In my opinion, you are the best daughter God has ever given anyone.