Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Whooooooo'll Be A Friend to Jesus

We had a dinner for my nephew, Michael, last Saturday.  He is leaving for the Navy in October.  
 Lasagna and garlic bread was on the menu, followed by cake and ice cream, a couple hands of UNO, a little dirt bike riding, and fireworks.  Of course, Uncle Bruce got scared the cops would come so they cut the fireworks a little short.  haha
 We'll miss Mikey!  And we love him very much.  I know he'll do our country proud and I pray God's hand of protection on him while he is away.
Mom was able to attend church Sunday morning.  That was a blessing.  And then Monday night, she was able to attend our ladies meeting.  The theme was "Whooooooo'll Be A Friend to Jesus?"  Obviously our decorations were centered around Owls.  It was so cute!
The little girls did a skit on who could be your friend.  It was precious and had us ladies giggling through the whole thing.
Missy and Linda did a skit on finding a friend also.  And, as usual, they had us laughing.
Our speaker was Mrs. Betty Upton.  She has been a friend of our church for many years and it was a blessing to hear her speak.  She has a sweet spirit about her. 
 We were also privileged to hear her sing for us.  She has a beautiful voice and we enjoyed listening to her sing. 
I'm thankful for my Pastor's wife who is always looking for something to uplift, encourage, motivate, and stir our ladies.  She has a vision and goes for it.  I appreciate all the hard work I know she and others put into our meeting.  It was a lot of fun, great fellowship, and just what I needed! 
Today is Wednesday and we'll be heading to church shortly.  I want to say Thank you to our friend, Mrs. Velda, for coming to stay with mom on Wed nights so I could attend mid-week service.  That has been a blessing.  Mom is more mobile now and getting back into the groove of going back to church.  It's good to have her being able to go.