Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day everyone!  Hope you're having a good time wherever you might be. 

My day was spent... well... laboring.  I started with laundry and, of course, will probably end with it too.  Can I get a witness?  I cleaned out the fridge, which is probably the worlds most dreaded chore in the house.  Cleaned the bathrooms, stripped and remade beds, swept and mopped floors, ran the vacuum, cooked breakfast, made lunch, and now I'm sitting here with mom watching, yet another, STARGATE episode.

Can I tell you a secret?  I'm not much of a tv watcher and I really, REALLY despise Science fiction along these lines.  But my mother loves it.  And my darling brother, John, was ever so nice to bring her nine...yes, NINE...seasons of STARGATE.  Little aliens, crazy lookin' creatures in togas talking funny, and people with gold emblems on their forehead kind of grow on you after a while.  But, oh dear me... LOL 

Our Sunday School class was doing some shooting today, followed by some hamburgers and hot dogs.  I know they are having a great time over there.  Justin came by to pick Harrison up and that totally made Harrison's day.  He likes being over here at Maw Maw's house, but he sure has missed being with his friends.  I know he'll have a great time at the party because two of his best friends are there.

I had a photo shoot with Kelsey Saturday.  She's been married little over two months and decided to do her bridal shoot after the wedding.  Which is a pretty good idea, actually.  You don't have to worry about having the dress cleaned before the wedding.  And she would have needed it cleaned for sure.  Here are a couple of pics from that shoot.  We did her pictures at Belmont Abbey College.
After the shoot, Kelsey and her mom took me to Cheddar's for lunch.  It was my first time there and it was very good.  I ordered the Hawaiian Chicken Sandwich.  It was nice of them to do that and I enjoyed the time of fellowship we had.

Bruce stayed with mom so I could go to Sunday School and morning worship yesterday.  It was wonderful being back in class and back in choir!  I have missed it so much!  I am thankful beyond words for my church and church family.  And for good friends like Velda, who give up their Wednesday evenings so I can go to church.  Of course, she'll tell you she doesn't feel like she's giving anything up.  She has that kind of spirit about her.  She loves mama and enjoys staying with her.  That means so much to me!

I am blessed.