Thursday, September 26, 2013

Myrtle Beach and SIGMA 2013

My brother came and stayed with mom for a week so our family could go on vacation.  We went to Myrtle Beach and had a very good time.  I was telling my friends I slept everywhere.  On the beach, by the pool, in the lazy river... It was great.  haha

We woke up and went to bed with some of the most beautiful skies I've ever seen.  You just wanted to be quiet while you gazed.
Being quiet wasn't exactly what we gazed upon Justin and his pool outfit.  He's so funny.
We enjoyed some time in the ocean. family did.  I LOVE the ocean, but from a distance.  Yes, I am afraid of water.  And especially big bodies of water.  With ocean creatures in it that bite.  lol
I thought it was sweet that Harrison would enjoy his breakfast out on the balcony every morning.  He liked sitting there watching the ocean waves roll in and out and the people walking on the beach.
Of course there was the annual Morrow family putt-putt tournament.  The prize was $15 to the Morrow kid in first place, $10 the the one in second, and $5 to the one in third.  $20 would go to the one who beat dad.  Which has never happened.  Yet.  LOL  But I have a feeling next year may be the year.  Justin and Harrison were quite determined.  Bruce better be up on his game next year!
Harrison came in first place, followed by Justin and then Hannah. 

We also went bowling.  This was fun, but I did horrible.  More horrible than usual.  It was really sad.  But I still had a good time.  And they had a Ms. PacMan machine there that I got to play.  That made up for the really bad score I had bowling.  Ms. PacMan was my game when I was a teenager.  haha
Bruce took the #1 spot, followed by Justin, then Harrison, Hannah, and me.

Supper at Outback was nice, but felt like it was our last meal because we were heading home the next morning.  lol  When we got back to the hotel the pools were empty so the kids wanted to swim until they closed at midnight.  We told them ok, but the indoor pool had too much chlorine and the outdoor pool was nice, but not with the cool fall winds blowing.  Bruce and I played Phase 10 with Justin while Hannah and Harry swam.  Then he and I headed back up to the room where it was warm while the three of them splashed around for a while.  They didn't make it 'til midnight though.  I think it was more like 10:30.  :)
I was feeling blessed each and every day that I got to spend with my family.  I have missed them so much since I've been at mom's.  That week with them will forever be in my "precious memories."

My whole family was sick two weeks before this trip.  Everyone but me, that is.  And this week I came down with it.  It really felt like the flu.  I'm still not up to par, but hanging in there.  Harrison went home for a few days and Hannah will bring him back Saturday, maybe. 

Mom is off her wound vac, as of today.  Praise the LORD!  She'll be getting into full physical therapy tomorrow, or by the latest, next Monday.  It'll be good to see how she does with that.  I think she's determined to be up and about.  Sitting in a recliner morning, noon, and night can't be fun.  I know she's ready to sleep in her bed and get things back to normal.

SIGMA RUSH night, 2013, was this past Sunday night.  This year we have the Kappa Theta Deer and the Pi Gamma Gospel Geeks.  The kids did some super decorating and we had a lot of fun Sunday night after service, feeding the church soup and sandwiches and watching the youth group go crazy and wild for a while.  Here are some pics of the decorations and our time we had at RUSH Night.
The gym is divided into sides.  The teams must decorate their designated area, along with their tables.  Each decorated area must show team colors, Greek letters, team verse, and team signatures.  The teams get points on showing all of these things along with creativity and spirit.
The Kappa Theta Deer scored the points that night.  But that won't keep our Pi Gamma Gospel Geeks down.  They'll come back, I'm sure of it.  We have a determined team!  GO PI GAMMA!!!!
Pi Gamma Gospel Geeks

Kappa Theta Deer

We had two tables of soups and, I believe, four tables of sandwiches and chips.  So there was plenty of food for our church family to enjoy.

And last, but not least...  The Pi Gamma Gospel Geeks.  They're not much.  But their mine and Bruce's for a whole year.  Pray for us.  LOL