Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thanksgiving Talk

I had to change my comment moderation on here.  Nothing too serious, just an abundant amount of spam coming through.  If you can't comment, I am so sorry.  But I was getting fourteen to twenty-some spams a day.  It was really getting ridiculous.  So if you can't leave a comment, you can reach me at this email address.  kristim71@yahoo.com.
Hannah is making these decomesh wreaths and doing a fantastic job.  This red and silver is still for sale.  They are going for $40.  If you live in the area and think you might be interested, leave a comment or contact me at the email above.
We had our Ladies Thanksgiving Fellowship last week.  Our theme was A Thankful Woman Armed & Dangerous.  It was such a blessing to hear the other ladies stand and speak the good things that the Lord had done for them this year.  Especially since we were all bummed out after the election.  LOL  But we all seemed to leave with happy hearts and a lighter step.
 Our guest speaker was Mrs. Jenny Mitchell from Georgia.  Her husband pastors a church in Ga and she has become one of my most favorite speakers over the last few years.  She speaks down to earth, honest, and straight from her heart.  We were all glad that their family stayed through the weekend and enjoyed Sunday morning service with us.  She grew up in the church where our Pastor was an associate.  Our Pastor's wife was her Sunday school teacher when she was a girl.  So it was nice for all of them to spend some extra time together.
And I had a photoshoot with this little Miss "M" too.  We went to a horse stable and one good time just following her around and letting her be, every bit as much the three year old that she is.  haha
Can you believe that Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK???  I 'bout flipped when I realized it had sneaked up on us so quickly. 
But I've made my shopping list and when I get everything I need this weekend, I'll be set and ready to go!  We'll be spending the holiday with a lot of family and I am looking forward to the time we will share together and the memories we will be making. 
I always have Thanksgiving dinner here at our house for our little family of five on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  So we'll be celebrating twice next week.  I always enjoy that day.  I know the time will come when my children will be scattered with their own families and they may or may not get to come all at the same time.  So I want to give them special memories now and HOPE that we'll share many more Thanksgiving dinners together with them and their families. 
I've lost twenty-two pounds.  Here are some pics of before and after. 

Not really looking forward to all of the temptations that I will be surrounded by this holdiay season.  But, by the grace of God, I will seek out the goodness of the fellowship and not so much the food.