Friday, April 27, 2012

Is That Wedding Music I Hear?

Eleven years ago we walked into Faith Baptist Church for the first time and that night a friendship was kindled between Justin, Jeremy, and Even.  It's been a good friendship.  One that this mama is proud of her son for having and one that has been iron sharpening iron.  They are all a blessing and I am thrilled to have known them and their families. 
Jeremy took the plunge and married his little sweetheart, Ashley.  Their wedding was the most God-honoring wedding I have been to in a very long time!  Everything from the songs of prayer and submission to their wedding vows was all based on the Word of God.  It was beautiful!   
Hannah and I were honored to sing a song in the wedding while Bruce played the guitar for us.  We sang How Beautiful (the body of Christ) while the wedding party entered the sanctuary.  It was so different and so sweet.  
But I was able to have my camera ready and snagged a few shots.  :0)
My handsome son ready to stand up for his buddy. 
Me with the groom...Can you tell I'd been crying?  I was a blubbering mess.  It hit me that Friday night and I didn't stop crying until Sunday.  I'll be a wreck, should Justin ever tie the knot. 
I think this is the FUNNIEST picture.  The look of gloom on Justin and Evan's face was priceless.  They were genuinely happy for Jeremy, but they looked as happy as two goats stuck in a mud pit.  LOL
 The wedding was lovely and everything went off without a hitch.  Well, actually, there was a hitch...Ashley to Jeremy, that is.  :)  She was a beautiful bride and her smile, that day, could have outshined the sun!  When they turned to be pronounced as Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy H, she flung her hankee in the air and said, "Whooo!"  :)
 The small wedding party.  haha
 Pastor Goodman with the newlyweds.
 They had the reception at the Western Sizzlin'.  Which was totally awesome.  Full entree, salad, and dessert bar.  Of course, they had the cake set up in one of the banquet rooms they had reserved.  After all was said and done, it was time to say goodbye and wish them well on their honeymoon. 
Once again, Justin caught the garter.  I got tickled at that, because the last several weddings he's been to, he catches the garter. 
 They decorated the truck with powders, silly string, toilet paper, and other crazy stuff.  It was cute when they were finished.
They had a great time on their honeymoon and showed up for jubilee Wednesday night.  We were all happy to see them there.
I pray they have many happy and blessed years together from now until forever. 
You can click here to watch a video of Justin's speech to Jeremy and Ashley.