Thursday, April 26, 2012

Murfreesboro, 2012

We arrived at the hotel that afternoon and rested in our rooms for a while before heading down stairs for devotions.  Which, by the way, is one of my most favorite times of this trip.  I enjoy the personal time with our youth group and hearing from some of our young preacher boys.
Mrs. Janet ordered pizza and had it delivered, so we ate before devotions and also celebrated Maddie's birthday with a giant cookie, ordered for her that morning.  I'm glad she had a birthday, because it was yummy.  LOL

After supper and celebrations, we heard from four of our boys.  Brother Troy...
Brother Jeremy....
And our youth Pastor, Brother Johnathan.
Each of them spoke on standing for the Word of God and not giving into things the world has to offer.  After devotions and prayer, we broke up for some free time and some of the kids gathered and sang songs for quite a while.  It was a blessing to hear them singing songs about their Heavenly Father and Heaven, all while being looked upon by people coming in and out of the hotel or watching and listening from their balconies.
Normally, we head to Middle Tennessee Baptist that Friday morning, but Brother Hutson had cancelled that meeting time this year.  We did not find that out until later Thursday night.  The kids were disappointed so we asked the hotel staff if we could reserve a meeting room for the Friday morning and we had our own meeting.  I think I enjoyed that better than anything that weekend.  It was wonderful!  God really touched some hearts.  Pastor preached to us, the kids and adults gave testimonies, we sang...  it was wonderful! 
Friday afternoon, after our own little meeting, we took the kids to a mall area where they were able to eat lunch and do a little shopping before the evening service.  We returned to the hotel and got ready for that.  Couldn't wait to get there!  I must admit that I was a little on edge and praying the Lord would intervene and put to rest some things I was worried about.  It is no secret that I am quite protective of my church, my Pastor, and our youth.  I'm not going to spout how spiritual and perfect they are, because they're not.  They're all flesh and bone, just like the rest of us.  But they do try.  And the Lord does work in their lives and I've seen first hand what He has done in some of their hearts I never dreamed He could or would do.  By the time meeting started, He had let me know that everything would be fine and I knew the Lord had answered that prayer before we had ever gotten out of Shelby!  He is good!!
When we got there, we took our seats and our youth gathered around the alter to pray.  What a blessing! 
We heard from Middle Tennessee Adult Choir.  I LOVE their choir!  They sing the old time way with the power of God on them!
 We also heard from Brother Tony Hutson's daughters.  I like to hear them sing too.  Their voices are so close together it's unreal.  I can never make out who is singing what.  LOL  Doesn't matter though, because they're just really good.
 Brother Hutson had all the Pastors and preachers to come sit in the choir.  It was different and it was a blessing to see those men of God sitting up there, enjoying and getting in on the services.
Brother Mark Stroud was there.  One of mine and Bruce's all time favorites!  That man can lay it down, I'm tellin' ya!  LOL
Heard some good singin'....
And some good testimony too!  Brother Hutson asked Brother Philbeck (Pastor of a local church here in Kings Mountain) to testify on old time religion.  It was very good.
And then we heard some preachin'!  I had never heard from Brother Broughton before, but I think he was a favorite among our youth and me too.  He was very good. 
 And then we heard from our Pastor.  He preached a sermon we've heard before, but I got some new things out of it this time, and it was things that I have been able to apply to my life.  Did I mention what a blessing this meeting was?
We had Saturday morning meeting and then made our way back down the mountains of Tennessee to home.  I enjoyed every moment of the trip. 
Had a great time and already looking forward to next year!  The good news is...  Pastor Goodman and Brother Hutson have been working on a meeting just like this one, right here at our church, in August!  I am so excited about this!!  It's been in the works for about a year and a half now.  Lord willing, we have some GREAT preachers lined up and looking forward to some AWESOME meetings!