Friday, January 16, 2015

Time to Duke it Out!

So this week Duke University announced they would allow the bell to ring from the chapel for the Muslim call to prayer, Adhan.  Two days later they reversed the decision.

I suppose for Christians this would be considered a victory.  But let's break this down a minute.

For a few years now, the adhan has been done in the basement of the chapel.  The decision was reversed, but the prayer will still continue.  In the basement.  Of the same chapel.  So is this a victory for anyone?  It is somewhat a victory for the Muslims.  They still get to use the chapel.

Duke University is a school with Christian history.  As a matter of fact, they still have a school of divinity and are proud that: "Duke Divinity School’s student body consists of about 635 students from 40 states and several foreign countries. Approximately 45 percent of the student body is United Methodist, 12 percent is Baptist, and other students come from more than 50 different denominations in the Christian faith."

To be a Christian does not mean we have to accept other beliefs.  If anything, the gospel of Christ is 100% against this thought.  JESUS said in John 14:6, "... I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."  Of course we are to love those who do not know and do not accept Christ.  Even though it can be extremely aggravating dealing with someone who doesn't believe the same way as you do.  But as a Christian, I get more aggravated at other Christians who seem to think that in order to reach others, we have to give in to their demands and sometimes join hands with them. 

In my opinion, Duke University should never have allowed any type of Muslim worship in the chapel of the school.  They should have never even THOUGHT about ringing the bell and having a call to worship for the Muslim students from the tower of the chapel.  And if they're going to reverse that decision, how about taking it a step further and ceasing the prayer in the basement too?  You're either for it or you're against it.  Either way it's taking place.  On a so-called Christian campus.

They can play some b-ball, but let's face it...when it comes to being a Christian school, they're failing.

One lady told me we worship the same God as the Muslim.  No, ma'am, we don't.  My God came to seek and to save that which was lost.  Not seek and destroy the infidel.  My God sent His only begotten Son to shed His holy and sinless blood at Calvary to save ME!  He DESIRES worship from me.  He does not DEMAND it from me.

If Christians were as upset about them having Muslim prayer on campus at all, I wonder if there would still be allowance of the prayer, even in the chapel?  I can pray to my God anywhere.  It doesn't have to be a mosque or a rent-a-chapel. So why can't they?  I pray all day long and when I need to get in touch with God.  Why can't they?  I have a relationship with Christ.  He is a part of History, Who once was dead, but lives again and reigns on high for eternity.  They follow Muhammad who is a part of history that has been snuffed out.  Nothing but dust and bones remain. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you want to practice Islam, practice it and don't expect the private institution you attend to bow to your demands and open the door to your false religion.  And if you're a school who was founded on and promotes Christianity, take a stand for Christ and say, "Nope. No way.  No how.  We're not doing that here.  At all.  Anywhere on campus.  Including the basement of the chapel." 

Get away from it. Stay away from it.  It's false.  It's a lie.  And it's sending people to Hell.