Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year!

Wow!  2014 has come and gone and we have welcomed in the new year.  What are you expecting in 2015?

I've heard some different people say different things...

"Let the Holy Spirit be seen in 2015."
"Becoming lean in 2015."
"On Jesus lean, in 2015."

What's your slogan for this year?  I haven't really thought of one, although the ones above are pretty good ones to live by this year.  And every year.  But Happy New Year!  This is going to be a great year.  God has answered prayers in some situations and we are already seeing His hand moving and guiding. 

Marie is doing pretty good.  Her surgery did not go as planned.  Well, not as easy as planned, I should say.
She flat lined twice during surgery, then had some internal bleeding in the artery of her leg while in ICU.  Her chest was beat near to death when she flat lined and her little hips and thighs were so bruised from the clamps on her legs from bleeding out that she was just absolutely black and blue, barely able to walk and breathe.  I'm living with her right now and she is gaining strength every day, praise the LORD! Her legs and chest are better, but she is still black and blue on one side.  Waiting for that to heal. She is sailing through this time in her life and I keep saying she is a SUPER TROOPER!!

Our church is in revival with Brother Mark Stroud this week.  Last night was our first night and it was really good.  We had a great time in the Lord.  I'll be honest, I felt like the devil was fighting through to try and disturb things, but boy did he lose!  We were there to worship and receive, and the Holy Spirit walked through there and gave us exactly what we needed.  I am looking forward to this evening and thankful for a brother in law willing to stay with Marie so we can attend revival as a family!  Lord willing we'll be able to go every night this week and I sure would like to take Marie one night.  Pray she'll be up for it!  She's missed being in church and I know she'd rather be in her own church, but it would be great to take her one night for this. 

I know the Lord was good in 2014, but I am sure looking to see His goodness again this year.  Isn't He wonderful?  I am looking to see the Lord give my mother in law a great healing and strength she hasn't felt in several years.  I am looking for Him to do a miracle for my mom THIS WEEK with a situation she's dealing with.  I am looking for Him to bless my children and my husband.  I am looking for Him to do a miracle in the sick bodies of people in my church that need a special touch from Him.  But I am looking to draw closer to Him this year and for Him to show me how to love others the way He loves me!  Someone undeserving and unworthy of anything that comes from His sweet hands. 

What are you hoping to see in this new year?