Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Thimble Thoughts

Well, this is the very last post for Thimble Thoughts. I'm shutting it down. I'll keep it up for archiving, but all comments and things like that will be off.

I've started a new blog. If you are interested in having the link to my new blog, please email me at kristim71@yahoo.com or leave your email in the comments of this blog post.

I won't promise I'll be sending it to you. For now I'd like to keep it for those that I've known through blogging or I know personally.

For those of you I won't add right away, I'll be happy to copy and paste an email for you for a while until I'm comfortable about sending you a link.

Thank you so much for being a friend to Thimble Thoughts and I look forward to starting fresh and new at my new blog.