Saturday, January 5, 2013

Registered and Ready to Go!

Hannah took her placement test to start classes at our community college.  She did very good and so we got her registered today to start classes towards her diploma in Early Childhood Development.  She placed out of her English and Math, which means she doesn't have to take it now unless she wants to.  I think she might want to, just to get it out of the way.  She is nervously excited to begin.  Going through the bookstore on campus I was shocked at how expensive it is to rent a book.  Not BUY one, but RENT one.  Justin's were never that expensive.  They have really gone up on the books in the last couple of years.  Thankfully, a few of the books she needs can be downloaded to her Kindle.  That's nice.  But they're still rentals at $70 bucks.  LOL

So, we're heading into a new year.  How ya likin' it so far?    We had a great time at Brother Ken and Mrs. Tammy's house New Year's Eve.  We shot guns, ate bbq, and had some terrific fellowship.  More friends showed up and it was several hours of laughter.  We had a GREAT time!
I'm not making a resolution.  I don't really believe in making those.  I do believe in setting goals.  My goal this year is to be more compassionate toward others, to pray for my leaders in government no matter how I feel about their politics, to shine the Light of Jesus more to those I come into contact with, and yeah.... lose more weight.

I lost two pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  But I gained them back between Christmas and New Year's.  But I'm ok with that.  I stayed the same and I'm good.  I'm ready to get back into the swing of things.  Which I've already begun.  I received a Cato gift card for Christmas and decided I'd hold on to it for motivation and when I lose fifteen more pounds I'll go buy something new.  I love Cato's, so this is good motivation!

Bruce was bitten on his hip the other day by something, we're not sure what.  It swelled up pretty good and looked bad enough to go to the doctor and sure enough it was infected.  So the doctor prescribed him an antibiotic.  I'm glad he was able to do that before the weekend got here.  Hopefully it'll be looking better by tomorrow.