Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bus Ministry Fall Festival, 2012

We had a good time last Saturday at our Bus Ministry's Fall Festival.  Mrs. Janet had the hot dogs and popcorn and all the game stations were in full swing.  Candy was the goal!
We even had a clown.  I didn't know who it was at first.  But I figured it out.
Before we got started, though, the gospel was presented and several people came to know the Lord.  It was a blessing to see a parent of one of our bus kids getting saved in the middle of all the festivities.
Sweet Na...
Sand art is a popular table...
And who doesn't like milking a cow?
We go through a lot of face painting too.
Harrison was in charge of the PLINKO game.  The kids just kept coming for that one.
And "F" was feeling cheesy for the camera.  I tried to get several of him for his daddy who is stationed in the sand box.
Pitching apples into a basket was giving Chey a workout.  They were throwing those apples as fast as they could.
Madison worked the Foosball table.  That was a popular game too.
Mrs. Rebecca and Mrs. Mott.  Two of the sweetest ladies.  I love them both.
"F" was pulling the clown's hair.  Nice.
And last, but not least, our sweet Pastor's wife.  She is terrific.
Had a photo shoot with two families this weekend.  One, of which, was shortly after bus ministry.  And then after that, we met up with some people for a bond fire.  Had a good time.  Also spent Sunday afternoon at other friend's home.  It was so relaxing and I still got my Sunday afternoon snooze before Hannah had to be back to church for practice.
And on a "lighter" topic, I am down more pounds and am officially down into the next set of tens.  YAY!  I have plans for my before and after picture but want to lose about ten more pounds. 
I didn't do a Monday's Menu this week.  I had a brain burp and forgot to take my list of needed ingredients to the store this weekend.  We were just too busy to try and get back to the store. 
Fighting a chest cold right now.  Not feeling very well, but I'm pumping up on my vitamins and echinacea, hoping it will pass soon. 
School is going great.  The kids are working double time right now so they can have a longer break over the holidays.  I'm all for that!  Just another reason I love homeschooling.  More holiday time to spend with my kids doing holiday fun things.  I'm glad they're motivated and working hard to earn those days.
And that's all folks!  Have a good week.  :)