Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pray for the Wray Family

Yesterday, we said goodbye to one of the sweetest, most humble men I have ever had the privilege of knowing, Brother Arnold Wray.

Brother Johnny said it best at the funeral when he said that we had lost a spiritual giant. I don't know of a more sincere, quiet, and praying man. As a matter of fact, it is said by family and friends that he spent hours a day in prayer. And when he died, he was praying, asking God to help his family, asking God to help his wife, and to bless his church.

Brother Arnold had been on dialysis for a while and had been told for months that he only had a few days left, but God allowed our church to watch him, week after week, come in and take a seat near the back of the church with his oxygen tank, as he could no longer sit on the platform. Which was his seat for nearly sixty years as our choir director. He lived for the next church services. Knowing how weak he was would send me into tears as he would stand up with both hands raised in the air during church services. I remember coming in many times before church and I would see him in the back with his hands together, rocking back and forth in prayer.

The day before his funeral, his wife was brought up to the church to see him. She, herself, in a nursing home. She patted his arm and told him she loved him. That he was a sweet husband and she would see him in Heaven. Little did she, or the family, know that just four hours after his funeral, she would make her crossing and she did see him again.

I wonder as Brother Arnold stepped onto the shores of Glory, if the Lord told him to wait, that Mrs. Louise was coming. I wonder if he stood there, patiently, as was his way, and waited to take her by the hand as they both stepped onto streets of gold together. Breathing in celestial air, taking in the beauty and splendor of Heaven, and looking into the face of the One that they gave their hearts to many years ago. What a precious thought!

We will miss Brother Arnold and Mrs. Lousie. We have more to go to Heaven for, than we had yesterday.

Please remember the Wray family in your prayers.