Thursday, October 27, 2011

This Past Weekend Made Me "Shutter"

I had four shoots over the weekend and enjoyed each one. My first one was a mini-mini session with the L Family. They are such a great fun family to be around.

After the mini family shoot, mom L and I took their son "J" for his senior pictures. He is such a crazy guy. We headed down to the Broad River and got some great shots of him there. I wish I could reveal the surprise we found on this shoot, but it will have to wait until another blog post. "J" is awesome. He graduates this year and plans on attending a Christian college next fall.

Saturday morning, I met a couple for their maternity shoot. They were young and sweet and ready to be a mommy and daddy. I'm happy for them. Babies are wonderful!

And there's Bre. I LOVE Bre. She smiles like this all. the. time! I even mentioned it to her mother, who confirmed that she does smile like this all the time. What a sweetheart! Bre is Bruce's cousin. She graduates this year and plans on attending culinary school. I've tasted her work and she's fabulous!