Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"B's" Photo Shoot

I had a photo shoot with "B" last week. It was a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed this shoot because she is a special little girl. She is the daughter of a high school friend, who is no longer from these parts. She was staying with her grandparents for the week and on a whim we scheduled the shoot. She was teething and wasn't feeling up to a photo shoot, but she was so good!!!! She is an absolutely precious little girl.
"B" was a surprise to her mommy and daddy after fourteen years since the birth of their oldest son. So needless to say, she is very much loved and doted on. Which after being around her, for even a moment, you know why. She's just plain sweet!
Below are my favorite five pics....

I look at your cute little nose
and how
you wiggle your toes

I love how you smile at me
cute as a button, don't you agree?

I look at the
darling clothes you wear

and the tiny little bow in your

And you just seem to say to me,
"I'm just as cute
as I can be!"