Thursday, March 8, 2012

Robbed of a Gallon of Gas

I am way too busy to be blogging right now, but something happened today that kind of blew my mind. And made me kind of upset too.

So, I'm in Shelby running errands and eating lunch with the kids and had a check to be cashed. The check was from the bank, 5th 3rd. I do not bank there, but since my bank was in the other direction and I was right there at the Shelby branch on East Dixon, I decided to get it cashed there.

I signed my check, put it in the canister with my picture ID and sent it through to the teller. She asked if I banked there and I told her no. Then she proceeds to tell me that since I want to cash that check there it will cost me $4.00. The check was barely $20 and they were taking $4. Seriously???

First of all, we live in an economy where $4 right now is the equivalent to a gallon of gas.
Secondly, I have never, EVER heard of a bank charging someone to cash a check from an account that bank holds.
And thirdly, did I mention it was a gallon of gas?

I had an account with 5th 3rd a few years ago and I am so glad I decided to close that account. They are a no good bank. Always coming up with some scheme to rip people off. And in these day and times, that is just the low of the low.

So now that I have vented on the Internet, I will copy and paste a link to this post in an email to 5th 3rd and get back to my busy life. See y'all later.