Friday, July 30, 2010

VBS 2010

We had fun working at the church today on VBS decorations. 'Lil-bit showed up and instead of her helping me paint banners (haha), Hannah did a little face painting on her.

Our theme this year is Building Lives On The Word Of God at the VBS Construction Zone. I love working on the banners. It's my favorite VBS project.

This was Kendra, LeAnna, and Mrs. Marla's project. It turned out so cute! I love it! The little construction children are sweet. Makes me want to play with the Playschool people.

I'm looking forward to VBS. We always have a good time. I'll be helping teach the five year olds again. My favorite VBS class!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

KM Beach Blast

Saturday afternoon, Bruce and I took Harrison downtown for the KM Beach Blast. He had a great time playing in the fountains. There were a LOT of children there. It was very hot and so there were several adults that made their way into the fountains too. While Harrison played in the fountains, Bruce and I played a game of Corn Toss. He beat me....

There were carnival rides.

snow cones...




Vendors and more vendors...

and more games. I thought this game was pretty cool. It was a sling shot for water balloons. You'd load your balloon and aim it at your opponent, hoping to make it through the hole over your opponent's head. Either way you were getting wet! Fun game for such a hot day! It looked like something fairly easy to build and a game that would be a lot of fun for our Bus Ministry's Water Day.

They were giving away watermelon and there was no way Harry was missing out on that!
Poor Harrison...just about the time he was ready to ride some rides the clouds opened up and it POURED the rain, causing the rides to shut down. He was so disappointed.
Bruce and I, however, were more than happy to feel the rain and even stood out in it for a while before deciding to seek shelter. It just felt so good.
This girl was hula hooping in the rain. She was really something!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Building and Leadership Camp

Hannah started a new blog. You can check that out by clicking here.

She left for Leadership camp this week, along with four other teens from our youth group. I drove them up there with the company of my friend, Rebecca. It was a fun trip. I enjoyed it. Before we left for Leadership camp, I was happy to see workers on our church property putting up our new building. So exciting!

Brother Ronnie, Brother Wayne, Clayton, and Nathan were also working.

We made it to Leadership camp and the facilities were really nice. This was the front of the gym and where the kids registered for camp.

Hannah, James, Todd, Parker, and Justin C. The young man in the blue shirt, I believe, is someone they knew from being at Teen Camp last week.

This is the view from the side of the gym. That line there is for the zip line. fun, fun!

This was the boy's cabin.

This was the lake...obviously...tubes, water basketball, swimming...more fun, fun!

Hannah's cabin was clear on the other side of the lake. I liked these cabins.

Hannah immediately decided which bunk she wanted. Smart little cookie grabbed the bottom bunk by the door, next to the air condition vent and outlet. LOL

I'm praying the Lord will show each of the kids something more this week and that they will develop a deeper relationship with Him.
They'll be home Saturday. I look forward to hearing all about it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Youth Rally and Farewells

This past Saturday we hopped the church bus and took some of our youth to a local youth rally at Brother Bo Wagner's church. It was the 2nd annual Red Blue Rally.

It was good to see Luke and Jordan there. That was a nice surprise. Sure do love those boys!

And it was also good to see Jason and his wife there. They're serving in full time ministry and came down to the rally. He hosted the Bible challenges. Jason and his sister Amber were just younguns when I worked at Liberty Baptist Christian School and Day Care. Seems like ages ago and now here he is a man of God. What a blessing!

The Cornerstone choir sang a couple of numbers for us. They did a great job.

After the message from Brother Wagner, it was good to see the alter full of teenagers all the way across. But the best part were the two young men that were saved.

I had to get a picture of Brother Randy in his security badge. He and his wife work with Bruce. They're a very sweet couple. We like them a lot. :)

The church also hosted an ice cream social after the rally. They had all kinds of toppings. It was really good and Bruce, of course, was in ice cream heaven!

We enjoyed ourselves at the rally. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

You've seen me post pictures and posts about my friend, Pam. Well, the Lord opened some doors for them recently and she and her family are moving to Alabama this week. Mrs. Meghan invited Mrs. Ava (our Pastor's wife), and some of Pam's friends from church that have been closest to her through the years, to have dinner together. We went to Red Lobster. The waitress took a picture with me in it too, but it came out bad blurry.

Mrs. Tammy (in the green) was also able to meet us there. She came over on her lunch break. We all hated to see her have to go but was glad she made it for a little while anyway.

And it was good to have the newly married Mrs. Brackett with us. She and Pam have gotten close over the last couple of weeks as Pam has been training her to take her job.

After eating at Red Lobster and sitting there talking for a couple of hours, we headed over to Krispy Kreme.
Mander and Amy....:)

Of course Pam had to wear the KK hat. We all signed it before the evening was finished.

Have you ever been in a doughnut shop with nine women? Decisions, decisions!

And yep....every one of us bought a box of doughnuts. Well, I mean, you can't go to KK and not get a box. Especially when you live thirty minutes or more away from a KK shop!

It was a nice, fun evening. Thank you, Meghan, for putting that together.
Praying for you and your family, Pam. Keep looking forward and grasp on to the opportunities God has for you and Brother Joel there in Alabama.

Friday, July 16, 2010

They're Back!

The kids were coming home today and I wanted to make sure I degermed the house as much as possible. After the stomach virus and this horrible summer cold/flu thing, it was a definite must!

I'm still sick and didn't feel like cleaning, but I had bought these pretty pink gloves last week and forgot about them so when I opened the cleaning cabinet to retrieve some products, there they were. It made my cleaning more enjoyable.

The kids called shortly after lunch and said they were just a few minutes from the church so I freshened up a bit and hit the door. I was excited about seeing them and hearing what all happened at camp this year. They were full of stories and testimony. It was a blessing.

I prayed the Lord would deal in their hearts this week and He did. Justin is stewing on some things and we'll see how that goes. The dealt with Hannah's heart also. She's going back next week to their Leadership camp for a few days. She's looking forward to that. I was glad to hear she had a desire to go to that. From what I have heard it is an intense leadership training course. I know the Lord will work on her heart some more while she's there.

It was so good to see my kids. I've missed them this week.

Justin was pleasantly surprised to see that his diploma from CCC had arrived in the mail today. So now everything is official for him.

While they laid around and napped for four hours (lol), Bruce kept our regularly scheduled date night. We went to see a man about a horse. OK, not really. But we did go see a man about a vehicle. It wasn't exactly what we were looking for, but we sure did enjoy the talk we had with him and appreciate him so much!

We ended up doing fast food tonight. We were both actually wanting a burger and ended up at Burger King. It was my idea. He was open to anywhere and I chose Burger King. I haven't had a flame broiled burger in a while. Anyway, we enjoyed our time together talking and picking on one another. Hit Wal Mart for a little bit, then a couple of stores at the mall. I did find a really cute jacket at Burke's Outlet I may go back after. I'm not usually an impulse buyer, but this was just really cute and I'm regretting not getting it. I might go back after it tomorrow. On the flip side, Bruce found him a couple of shirts he liked and bought them. I found a cute door ornament tonight. I call her my Ivy Fairy. LOL She'll be sweet hanging on my front door.

And then we came home. We're watching the picture video the kids brought home from camp. And thus concludes our Friday.
OH! By the way, we have a young preacher boy in our church that has started blogging. Brother Troy is one of my favorite preacher boys. He has such a tender heart for God and is a serious studen of the WORD! Please stop by his blog and read his posts and leave a comment if you will. He's a wonderful young man and this family loves him a whole lot!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Homemade Marshmallows? Mmmmmm....

These, my friends are homemade marshmallows....

Click this link "Softly Sweetly" and check out all the other tasty marshmallows Rachel has to offer . She's giving away a dozen of these goodies to the winner of a blog giveaway from Heart and Home....a favorite read of mine.
If you don't read Heart and Home, you're really missing out. This young mother of two little rascal boys and wife to her favorite Marine has a way of telling stories that will send all of your emotions to the surface.
So check out the giveaway, check out the blog, and have a great day!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Museum, Fountains, and....the Flu?

The jury is still out on what I've got....or gotten rid of. After a conversation with my mother in law I feel as though Bruce and I both have had the stomach virus AND the flu. Which would explain his all over body aches Sunday and the fever I was running last night. I also feel like I've been beat with a sledgehammer and that my head is swimming in goo, as I mentioned on my facebook status.

While Justin and Hannah are gone this week, I wanted to do some activities with Harry. I wasn't feeling GREAT today, but felt like I could make a trip with him out to our local museum and then to the Patriot's Park to let him play in the fountains. So I took my book, packed him a lunch, and we left.
The museum was doing an exhibit on what our ancestors wore.

It was very interesting. They had all kinds of mannequins dressed in period pieces and display cases filled with articles of clothing and shoes. They also had a few pieces for the children to try on. Harrison tried on this vest and top hat and tried flirting with this mannequin...who wouldn't give him the time of day.

After the museum, I stopped at the store so Harry could run in and get himself a drink to take to the Patriot's Park. Mom and dad pulled up beside us and decided to go with us to watch him play in the fountains. It was nice. They brought lunch and drinks for all of us. It was so good to sip on that cold soda when it was so hot outside. Sitting under the shade was nice too.

This is the top of the Gazebo there in Patriot's Park. A nice looking place. I just wish they'd put a couple of benches in the gazebo. That would be nice. It's so spacious I don't know why they haven't done that. Maybe because they have bands and things in there sometimes.

The flower garden had a few pretty flowers still in bloom and the bees were just a-buzzin'!

And of course Harrison had a blast playing in the cool water.

By the time we were done at the park my body was ready to give out. I could barely lift my arms to unlock the door. Right now I'm going to lay down and probably stay down the rest of the evening.
I'm glad I was able to do something with Harrison today.