Friday, October 31, 2008

Disturbing, Yet Hilarious Comment

I received this comment tonight from a "Marcia Pope" on the Women in Leadership post below.

"Obama is going to win! I really think his team will do positive things
for your family.

Also you are giving North Carolina women a bad name. You are making us
all look like ignorant rednecks."

I'm sure this was meant to upset me, and they probably thought I wouldn't publish the comment, but I've always said that everyone is entitled to their opinion and as long as they don't use foul language and aren't terribly rude, I'll post their comment. I do have to say that this one actually made me giggle a little bit.

First of all, the redneck thing was what cracked me up. I'm not at all denying that there is a little redneck in this Carolina girl, but it was meant as a bad thing from "Marcia" when she put the adjective ignorant beside of it. But what I couldn't figure out was, what exactly did I say to make all North Carolina girls look like IGNORANT rednecks. Can y'all read that post again and tell me where the IGNORANT redneck is apparent? I certainly don't want to give that impression about the wonderful gals in the beautiful state of North Carolina.

Secondly, there is NOTHING that Barack Obama can do to help MY family. My husband works WAY too hard for someone to reach into his pocket and spread HIS wealth around to people who don't and won't work.

He won't help my family by cutting military funding. When military funding is cut, our national security is in jeopardy and we appear weak to terrorists.

He won't help my family by appointing liberal judges to the supreme court that will continue to give women the "right to choose" among a whole HUGE list of other liberal, far left wing, agendas that are totally against what I believe this country was founded upon.

And Most importantly, he won't help my family by turning his back on Israel. When a nation elects a man that will turn his back on Israel, God will turn his back on that nation.

Now, I could go on about all the ways he WON'T be able to help my family, but the bottom line is this...I am a Christian and I will vote the Bible. It's like my husband said tonight....There are two things that are certain in life. Death and taxes. We know they exist and so we can't go around worrying about them. If we'll just focus on who lines up more with the WORD of God, we'll be all right. So when I go into the voting booth and cast my vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin on Tuesday, November 4th, I will be voting for moral issues and the freedom that I love and hold dear to my heart. The freedom that men and women have died for.

I am proud to be an

IF Obama wins, and I hope and pray he does NOT, I am all ready with my bumper sticker that says "Don't blame me, I voted for McCain." However, IF Obama wins, we'll become a socialist country and I won't be able to put it on my car.

My husband wanted me to add that rednecks are not stupid people. And a redneck WOMAN is a force to be reckoned with.
HA! I reckon he'd know.

This blog post has also been closed for further comments. Take a rest until the next post.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

DRAMA...From the Stars!

I recently wrote our Christmas play and this past Sunday night I asked Brother RJ and Mrs. Liz if they would consider being in the play as the "mom and dad." I was pleasantly surprised to see how excited Mrs. Liz was and how quickly they both agreed. That made me happy, 'cause, you know...I worry about stuff like that. ANYWAY! I asked if they wanted two scripts or if they wanted to share. "No, two scripts aren't necessary" they said, "We can share." Later that night, I received a phone call from Brother RJ...oh, excuse me...his manager *ahem*, that Brother RJ thought it was quite ironic that I would ask if they wanted two scripts when Brother RJ had only three lines in the play. Not to mention.........he dies.

Apparently, this has bothered Brother RJ for the last several days, so he decided to write his Play Resume` and personally hand it to me last night. No doubt in hopes that he would be given a larger, more important part in this year's Christmas play. I will share his resume` with you now.

Play Resume`
RJ P-----
Youth Pastor, Faith Baptist Church
*Pee Wee Pirate
*Abraham Lincoln
*Patch Pirate....3 years
*Sock skit
*Dad - in some play
*Roomate of top star at BJU
*Electra Cution
*Speech minor in college
*Master of Impromtu
Bruce and I liked the last one best. We may start calling him MASTER RJ, instead of Brother RJ from now on.
Quite an impressive resume`, wouldn't you say? However, after going through his list of qualifications, I have come to the very difficult decision to keep his part in the "Dad".... who dies....with only three lines.
Sometimes the Lord uses things like this to keep us humble.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Got Gas?

This pump doesn't even have a place for the price of gas to go over 99 cents. Where can we find more of these??

I took this picture on my ladies trip a couple weeks ago. Since that trip, we've seen gas drop almost a dollar. We're averaging here between $2.64 and $2.45. What are you averaging where you live?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

If It Can Happen.....

It'll happen to me!

My car has one of those keys with a computer chip in it. You can't just buy an extra key for the doors either. It has to be a key with a computer chip in it. I have only one key for my car.! Did you hear me? ONE!

I stopped at the local One Stop after church to put gas in my car, which I only have one key for. Hannah and Harrison were sitting in the back seat. My game plan was to run in the store, pay for my gas, put gas in my car (which I only have one key for) and go home to spend time with my husband before he had to leave for work.

So much for the game plan.

I ran into the store, paid for my gas, and as I came out of the store, I saw both of my children exit the car (which I only have one key for), slamming the doors behind them. Apparently, Hannah wanted gum. She didn't stop to think about my only key being in the ignition. OH yeah! Did I mention my lights were on?

Thankfully, a family from our church pulled in just in time to see the look of horror and the I'm gonna beat my children look on my face. Brother Mike figured standing between me and my cubs would save them. And it did. Momentarily.

We called my parents, who were on their way home from my brother's house. They were coming to the rescue. In the meantime, there were some real characters gazing inside of my car (which I only have one key for) and each one asked the same question, "Whadya do? Lock your keys in the car?" My verbal response was, "Yes" but my thought response was, "Duh."

There was a car with some shady lookin' fellows that pulled up but seemed to be genuinely concerned about the car. It's not exactly the BEST neighborhood to be stuck in, if you know what I mean. So with our church friends and my parent's there they tried to unlock the doors to my car (which I only have one key for). They left to go home for some hangers and said they'd be right back. Sure enough...they were. Bruce pulled in shortly thereafter. I prayed and prayed some more as I watched Bruce work on one door and the stranger work on the other door.

Brother Mike's solution was to take his shoe off and break a window. Fortunately it didn't come to that.

After about an hour, I saw my front door open. YAY!!!!! Everyone cheered.

Bruce and I gave the stranger some money for his efforts and off they went. They were so nice to stop and lend a hand.

One of the other strangers told me that a locksmith should be able to make a key for my car (which I only have one key for) for a fraction of the cost the dealership would charge. I'll be looking into that tomorrow. Either way, I'm getting a new key!

OH, and yeah....the lights caused my battery to go low and Bruce had to jump the car off.

Speaking of my car.....did I mention I only have one key for it?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Congratulations, Christopher and Courtney!

Courtney, from Courtney's Contemplations, said "I do" to her Christopher today. She was a very beautiful bride and I cried off and on through the entire wedding.
She was my flower girl at my wedding, so seeing her all dressed up as the bride made me a little teary-eyed. LOL
The church was decorated beautifully with, what seemed like, yards and yards of white tulle, hundreds and hundreds of white lights, small trees, pumpkins, fall leaves, etc. It was gorgeous! Really.
(Christopher, Courtney, Bruce, and Courtney's grandmother)

The entire wedding was God-honoring. And I especially enjoyed the songs chosen. They were so appropriate to Courtney and Christopher's upbringing and Christian homes. I was impressed with the fact that after the ceremony, after the entire bridal party had departed to the foyer, Courtney's pastor, as requested by the newlyweds, gave an opportunity for people to accept Christ. It was very different and very sweet.
I have lots of pictures, but I'm saving them until Courtney is able to post her own pictures first. So! These few will have to do. Click here to tell Mr. and Mrs. ------ congratulations.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What Say Ye?

The picture above is of Ashely Todd, a twenty year old woman who told Pittsburg police she had been attacked by an Obama supporter, beaten up, robbed, and branded with the letter "B" on her face, after the man noticed a McCain bumper sticker on her car.

I have felt such pity for this young woman. Almost shed a tear. Told her story to several friends of mine who were all just as shocked as I was to hear of such horror.

Today I find out that just 24 hours after her accusation, she admitted to authorities that she made it all up. Can you believe that?

Stories like this just upset me. I have a few questions about this. Where did she get the black eye and what ABOUT that "B" on her face? Where did it come from, really? And do I really want to know?

So, should this lady be charged for wasting the time of police when they could have been working on real problems and chasing real law breakers?

What say ye?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Can It Go Wrong? Oh Yeah!

Things were fine last night. They didn't got wrong until today. But right now, here are a few pics from last night's Patch and Sigma. The older class in Patch had tacky night. Cheyenne was tacky! Looked like her daddy dressed her. HA!

Madi had an interesting hair~thingy going on.

And she was QUITE tacky, thanks to her sister's good taste....or would that be bad taste?

Then again....she could have gotten that.....taste......from her mother, who also happens to help teach that class. So does Jenn, who is sitting there behind her. Jenn was pretty tacky herself! Although a lady in our church did mention to her that she looked great last night and would actually wear her outfit with the exception of the socks. LOL

At Sigma, we cleaned up from Rush night and then took a few minutes to help Mrs. Liz celebrate her birthday. From what I understand she's celebrating the entire week. Especially since her dad is in town from Massachusetts. Funny story here. They traveled three hours to take her dad to Dollywood, to spend three hours, to travel back home for three hours. When they got to Dollywood...........IT WAS CLOSED!!!!

Her pretty cake. It was so RICH! But it was good and the kids enjoyed it with ice cream.

Today is when everything went wrong. Bruce has had his truck almost ten years, I guess, and I've never driven it. Today I asked if I could borrow it since Justin needed my car and I promised Mrs. Janet I would help her work on Fall Festival.
So before making it to the church, I stopped at the One Stop and bought a 16 ounce hot chocolate. I was looking forward to it because it was so cold outside and I do NOT do coffee!!EWW! Bruce doesn't have a cup holder in his truck so I put the hot chocolate next to the stick shift and immediately forgot that it was there. I backed up, put the truck into first, and took off. Next thing I know my hot chocolate is FLYING across the truck and emptying itself all over the passenger side floor board. There were two dish towels in the seat so I grabbed them and threw them on top of the hot chocolate until I was able to get to the church to clean up the mess.
There was just a wee little bit of hot chocolate left in the cup so I was going to drink the rest off. I took a big gulp, only to realize my mouth was being scalded. So I spit it out all over my skirt. I made it to the church, cleaned up my mess in the truck, cleaned up my skirt, and Mrs. Janet and I started on Fall Festival.
Kelly and Pam showed up to help and while we were carrying the carnival games from the fellowship building to the gym, I made a bad step off a curb, twisted my ankle, and hit the ground. Slicing my hand open on the Plinko game. Mrs. Janet helped me stop the bleeding and bandaged me up. So we got back to work.
We had a giant sheet of cardboard we were stapling to two wooden walls. I ran my hand down the side of the cardboard and sliced my thumb open. On the same hand I just sliced, of course. Thankfully, Mrs. Janet brought extra band aids.
So we continue working and while standing on a chair stapling paper to the cardboard, the chair slipped on the gym floor and down I went. All the way down. Bottom first. Within just a few minutes, my bottom to my neck was hurting. But I figured if I kept working it would work itself out. It didn't. Oh well.
Mrs. Janet took us to lunch at El Titanic. Everything was fine at lunch. Nothing to tell. We made it back to the gym to work a little bit on our "tree." So far so good. We pack up to leave and guess what? Bruce's truck wouldn't start. I began to panic a little bit, but one of the men in the rescue mission came out and started it right up. Go figure. I guess I wasn't giving it enough gas. I don't know.
Anyway, I get home in time to make a pot of mashed taters for the pot roast I put on this morning. The kids ate while Bruce and I left. Bruce was going to the track for a run and I was going to clean mom's house as much as I could while he ran since I won't be able to clean tomorrow.
He pulls up in the driveway and guess what? My parents are voting early because mom will be in the hospital on voting day. Guess who doesn't have her key? ME! So I went with Bruce to the track and tried to figure out what I could do. I decided to take his truck home and have Justin follow me back to the track to drop off Bruce's truck and then drop me off at my parent's. I get on the highway and realized that by the time I got home, Justin would be gone to practice with a group at church. So I turn around and go back. I pulled into a gas station at the track and called dad. They were coming home and he would pick me up on his way.
GREAT!...I walked around the track once, stopped to put Bruce's keys in the truck, and I see mom and dad pull up. They were in daddy's little truck so guess who had to ride in the back? ME! Did I mention it was cold today? He did give me his jacket though. But before I climbed in I realized that not only had I put Bruce's keys in his truck, I had actually LOCKED his keys in his truck. I was on the verge of tears when Bruce told me it was no big deal. He had a spare in his sock. Apparently he carries his spare when he runs so he doesn't have his keys bouncing and jingling for three and a half miles.
I cried anyway.
All by myself.
On the back of the truck.
Bundled in my daddy's coat.
Did I mention it was cold?
I was able to clean mom's kitchen, the hall bath, and run the vacuum before Bruce showed up. I was pleased to get that little bit done in record time. Daddy promised he would help her change the sheets on the bed. So that made me feel a little better.
I don't know what I'll be doing tomorrow, really, but I do hope and pray it's a better day!

Kelly and Janet working on the tree.

Me at El Titanic. No, it's not my birthday, but I do love those sombreros!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MG and Rush Night, 2008

First of all, for those of you that prayed for little MG, thank you. Please continue to pray for her when you think of her. MG had to have a feeding tube put in and was in a great deal of pain after the surgery. She cried for several hours and it was breaking her mommy's heart, as you can imagine. The surgery went well and they're hoping that after the first 12 hours they will see a considerable difference in her pain. Her mom knew that many prayers were being offered for them this morning.

Rush night was Sunday night. For those of you who aren't familiar with Rush night, it's when the two Sigma teams in our youth group are given limited space to decorate and cheer their team to a leading point score. The two teams compete during the rest of the school year both as a team and individually to score the highest points. They are able to score points through Bible memorization, church attendance, sermon outlines, daily devotions, visitors, etc....and at the end of the year there is an awards banquet.
This year our teams are the Alpha Theta Speed. Brother Chris and Mrs. Dana are their sponsors.
The other team is the Chi Alpha UFC (Ultimate Fighters for Christ) Bruce and I are the sponsors for this team.
The kids began decorating for their Rush Night a couple weeks ago. Speed was decorating like the races and the UFC went with boxing.

A lot of work goes into Rush night. There's banner making....


cutting letters for the team the way, if you've never used a cricut for cutting out bulletin board letters or letters and objects for scrapbooking, you REALLY have to use one. I LOVE it!

more props.......

Our team verse is 2 Timothy 4:7 "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:"

Bruce and the boys constructed a boxing ring.

Cassie and LeAnna made signs for the rounds.

Gary and Kendra made our UFC banner. The judges look for something that has the all the team member's names on it. So our names were on the banner.

Crystal and Hannah worked together on their verse banner. Hannah cut out the letters on the Cricut and Crystal began posting them. They did an acrostic for SPEED which said, Saved, People, Encouraging, Everlasting, Dedication. Their verse was Hebrews 12:1 "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us."

Josie and Moriah, two girls from our bus ministry that have become involved with Sigma, worked on the signatures for their team.

Our team bought shirts and painted them for their team.


Things were coming together.


Everything was ready and finished by Saturday afternoon and the two teams were ready to RUMBLE!
Mrs. Amy, our resident cake baker, made this terrific cake for our dessert table. And it was sooooo good! Just like every other cake she makes.

I loved how she did the sides.

As people came into the fellowship building after church Sunday night, the teams began to yell cheers at each other and taunt the other team. It gets VERY loud. I thought for sure Justin and Jeremy would go home with no voice. They found shirts at Wal Mart, of all places, that said, "God is my victory lane." I thought that was neat.

Our team was thinking of cheers. One they did said, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, prepare to be killed by the UFC." They would also yell, "HEY SPEED! YOU GOTTA FLAT TIRE!"

Brother Richie, who is a wrestler, was KIND enough to let us borrow his belts for decoration.

Our food tables consisted of hot dogs with all the fixins', nachos and cheese with salsa and jalapeno' peppers, assortments of chips, drinks, and desserts.

Nathaniel and Gary came out ready to put on a show in the boxing ring.

Our ring girl, LeAnna, held up the Round 1 sign and then it was on!

After that match, they called over a team member from Speed. Wouldn't you know it would be Justin?

Bruce and I worked the concession for our side, along with Mrs. Vondie.
Thank you, Mrs. Vondie for helping us there!!

Jacob and Bruce

Best buds

My sweet Hannah girl

When things began to quiet down and the church had gone through the lines, the kids and sponsors ate.

Mrs. Dana...ain't she purdy? She found the CUTEST little baskets to hold their flatware and napkins. I loved 'em. They were black with a checkered flag look around the top. I thought they were really cute.

Erika, Jacob, and Josie


Hannah and Justin

Dustin and his dad, Brother Mark.

Jonathan got in the ring with the little ones and wrestled with them. It was hilarious watching these little boys try to take Jonathan down.

Before we knew it, every child in the building wanted in the ring to wrestle.

Caleb's dad had to be in China for his job and missed Caleb's first Rush night. But I'm sure he'll have a good time telling him all about it when he gets home.

Jamie C by his team's car

Still eating....

These were some of our tough ring girls. Taylor doesn't look so tough, but trust me...don't let that smile fool ya!

We had a great time and our team was pleased to know they took the points home that night. Both teams did a fantastic job and we're proud of all of them. We're looking forward to moving on with this year.